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James Warren is currently living in Corvallis, Oregon, and is interested in Work from Home.
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Corvallis, Oregon

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My journey began right after I left high school early (1974) to join the U.S. Marines! My mother, bless her soul was a hard working mom. I learned from her that hard work would not kill anyone. I did not like how strict my mom was, I was a 17 year old man child thinking I knew more, so I enlisted into the Marines to get away from Chicago, crime, drugs, gangs, and moms rules. As I look back on this I am grateful that I had a mother that loved me enough to have rules and enforce them!

I spent 6 years in the Marines, and enjoyed every year! I traveled to some far away places, Cambodia, Africa, Singapore, London, to name a few! I had several wonderful experiences, but I would name being assigned to Ambassador Shirley Temple Black's (Ms. Temple was a child star) security detachment (U.S. Embassy Accra, Ghana, West Africa) as the most exciting! After leaving the Marines in 1979 I entered college, majoring in Special Education thinking that I wanted to teach! Well needless to say once I graduated with my degree in 1983 and began teaching in the public school systems of Chicago my love for teaching was smashed! Too much political and administrative politics for me. I love children and wanted to be involved in their lives somehow, but teaching was not the route for me. I also began working on my license for Real Estate and Mortgage Banking. In 1992 I relocated to Colorado where I spent the next ten years as a mortgage professional.

I moved to Oregon in 2003 and married my beautiful wife that same year! I have been a mortgage banker for over 20 years, with the down turn in the economy I decided to put some of my computer skills to work by starting my own home based business. Just the tax benefits alone makes my business profitable. I love helping others in seeing the advantages of working from home. I love to network with positive, optimistic people.

You make a living by what you get, You make a life by what you give...Winston Churchill

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James Warren
Name: James Warren
Location: Corvallis,Oregon,United States

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James Warren
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