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Jj Jauhar is currently living in Woodland Hills, California, working as an Owner in "Ayur Ras Healing Foods" and is interested in Entertainment, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Specialty Retail.
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Woodland Hills, California

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Entertainment, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Specialty Retail

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Ayur Ras foods are authentic in nature, bringing you the secret healing recipes from the Royal palaces of India, keeping their original taste and rich aromas. Food that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more. According to ancient Indian traditions food is considered Divine and therefore should be cooked with a lot of love. We, at Ayur Ras are keeping the traditions alive. We bring you food full of loving energy. Ayur Ras pays the utmost attention to the quality of food. All our ingredients are fresh, organic and wholesome in nature. Our spices are freshly grounded to create exotic flavors, mouthwatering taste and healthy digestion. Our food is well balanced and cooked at specific temperatures for the blend of our ingredients and spices to release their individual healing properties.

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JJ Jauhar
Name: JJ Jauhar
Location: Woodland Hills,California,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Ayur Ras Healing Foods

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