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Sinope Rugs is currently living in Torrance, California, working as a Rug,fine art,handcraft in "Sinope,inc." and is interested in Art.
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Torrance, California

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About Sinope Rugs
Begun over a decade and a half ago as a humble venture, Sinope Rugs has grown into what is now a distinguished, reputable Premier Rug Resource for many of todays leading design innovators. Above all else, Sinope is recognized in the industry for its exceptional rugs, its innovativeness, its quality of service and its ability to provide great value.

From its inception, Sinopes team of professionals has remained adamant in their belief that success lies in the satisfaction of our exclusive clientele. It is this belief that has set us apart from others in the profession and has led to our success. To this effect, Huseyin Etyemez, the founder of Sinope, works hard to establish and to foster ties with many of the most skilled craftsmen from around the world. As a result, Sinope is able to provide its clients with pristine rugs at exceptional value.

At Sinope, we strive to provide more than just a product. To us, every client is an individual relationship. Every relationship necessitates adaptability. We make every effort possible to ensure that we account for and cater to each of our relationships in a manner that is, first and foremost, befitting of a relationship that is built on trust. At Sinope, we derive an immense sense of satisfaction from knowing that everything we do to ensure our clients satisfaction is to the best of our ability.

From the conception of a project to the final laying down of rugs at a clients location, to after-sales service and maintenance of rugs, we strive to achieve immaculate results and to set industry standards.
Our morals, beliefs and pursuit of excellence become evident in every aspect of our interactions with our clients as well as our resources.

Sinopes ambition is to provide much more than just rugs. This is reflected in its manufacturing process, which consists of highly specialized state of the art techniques. The end result is an exceptional caliber of handmade masterpieces.

In addition to our current production, Sinopes recent focus has been to develop a line of organic rugs, ensuring the use of only the best natural materials available. Depending on the size, the making of a rug can require several months or even a few years. There are seven carefully conducted steps in this process:
Wool Collection
Hand Spinning
Mapping & Translation of a Design
Natural and Vegetable Dyeing
Weaving & Hand Knotting
Washing, Sheering, Blocking and Final Touch

Wool Collection
Our manufacturers raise free grazing sheep in Turkey. The resulting wool is rich in Lanolin and unequaled. This sets us apart from most rug weavers who purchase pre-processed wool from local markets. To ensure there is no harm to the animals, the sheep are carefully sheared during the Spring, enabling them to grow their blanket back before the onset of the Winter season.

Hand Spinning
There are several ways to spin the wool. The method Sinope chooses to use is called \'hand spinning.\' Hand spinning, is much more primitive and time consuming than most other methods. In the end though, we have wool strands that are each different in their structure. These subtle variations in the wool enable us to achieve beautiful textures in our rugs.

To ensure that our rugs are tailored according to current and ongoing trends, integrated coordination among interior and fabric designers is carried out within the United States and overseas. SINOPE works hard to stay on top of recent and cutting edge developments in color palates and designs. In coordination with other rug designers in Turkey, Huseyin Etyemez finalizes the designs and colors of our exquisite rugs.

Mapping & Translation of a Design
Before rug weaving can be initiated, the weavers need a design to follow. This designing is carried out by a Rug Map Artist. Once the map is completed, it is then painted exactly as the final rug will appear. The map is now translated into the local languages of the weavers so that they will be able to develop a precise understanding of the design of the rug and of their tasks.

Natural and Vegetable Dyeing
In an effort to revive a centuries old method of dyeing and to achieve a highly desired patina, Sinope has chosen to use use dyes that are, primarily, natural and vegetable dyes. Sinope prides itself in manufacturing natural rugs with minimal or no environmental impact. Natural and vegetable procuring resources include, but are not limited to, reds from tomatoes and dried madder root, yellows from welds, greens from sequential dyeing of indigo and weld, blues from indigo plants, and browns and camel colors obtained from walnut husks.

Weaving & Hand Knotting
Rug weaving is an art that dates back to the Fifth century B.C. Using the same method as the first rug weavers of centuries ago, the process of weaving the rug begins. Weaving is done by tying a knot around multiple longitudinal threads. The average weaver ties 50 to 55 knots per minute. A respectable 9X12 rug takes roughly 344 days to weave. Tools such as sickle shaped knives and sharp sticks are used to facilitate the process and to achieve precision.

Washing, Shearing, Blocking & the Final Touch
Once the rug is off of the loom, it is hand washed several times and then put on a stretch or a blocking board upside down, under the sun, to dry and acquire a straight shape. When a rug is woven its pile is uneven. Once off of the blocking board, it is then meticulously sheared to achieve an even pile.
Weavers take pride in creating a rug that will be cherished for many generations to come. Since each rug is handmade, no two rugs will ever be exactly the same. Each rug will have its own characteristic beauty, that makes it truly an artistic masterpiece!

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Sinope Rugs
Name: Sinope Rugs
Location: Torrance,California,United States
Job Title: rug,fine art,handcraft
Company: Sinope,inc.

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