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Tov Rose is currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, working as an Owner in "" and is interested in Education.
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Saint Paul, Minnesota

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TOV Rose is an author speaker, television producer, performer, Bible teacher, writer, chaplain, pastor and founder of The Entertainment Industry Chaplains. For nearly 20 years he has been active working with people of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The first pastor featured on Playboy Radio, he not only has experience working with people in the world of entertainment, by also in areas such as mental illness, abuse recovery, life and career coaching, chronic and terminal illness, the spiritual roots of disease, counseling and support. He has also developed a reputation for covering difficult Bible topics most teachers would avoid.

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Christian Organizational Spiritual Abuse, TOV and his wife Michelle have been involved with several organizations helping protect children online and adult victims recover.

Tov has served on the staff of four Congregations, several Para-church organizations, been a church planter, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Midwest Hebrew Ministries. He has ministered, performed and taught at thousands of congregations, Bible conferences and seminars world-wide, sharing his unique perspectives and passion for people, for God and for Biblical truths.

In addition to practical ministry experience and education, Tov Rose has studied Biblical Hebrew and Theology with Dr. John H. Sailhamer, and Biblical Greek with Dr. David Alan Black. He was also allowed the unique privilege to experience an intensive long-term private tutorship in the subjects of Jewish and Rabbinic Theology, Christian & Messianic Theology, Thought & Literature; Hebrew, Yiddish, Biblical Research, and much more, with Dr. Louis Goldberg (deceased), Professor Emeritus and 30-year Chairman of the Jewish Studies Department at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago.

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Tov Rose
Name: Tov Rose
Location: Saint Paul,Minnesota,United States
Job Title: Owner

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