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About Rubin Hernandez

Rubin Hernandez is currently living in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, working as a Just4MeandU in "Legal Shield" and is interested in Legal Services.
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Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

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Legal Services

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My Mission is simple and to the point.... I want to help and encourage "you" to become all that you can be! After serving in the "United State Marines" I realized that only a strong team can accept and carry out any mission. Dealing with every day legal issues needs a team of professional that know what they are doing. I will not be without my LegalShield Services...Or my legal team... Will you?

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Rubin Hernandez has joined on Jun 21, 2011

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Once a Marine Always a Marine...

After 6 years with the Corps, I spent 19 years with Columbia University Institutional Real Estate... But every day was just another hopeless search and struggle for financial freedom.

I got tired of working to build someone Else's dream!
I got tired of the Get Rich Quick scams and hype!
I got tired of promises that never pay-out what I was worth!
I got tired of Wages and WAS ready for Profits instead.
I got tired of trading TIME for what I was not happy doing.

After committing 14 years to education, I became licensed in the State of New York, as a Stationary Engineer in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Just as I got on the way to build a thriving business, I became disable by an accident that, literally put me back to day-one. I was again looking for alternative ways to make a living, so I took to computers, because it challenged me from day one.

Another challenge was, LegalShield, a New York Equity Firm that, continues to make average people reach financial reality.

The more I researched LegalShield, the more I became convinced that I had found a true business model able to set my legacy in motion. Not only did it give me the chance to help so many, but to also empower others and protect my family from day-one. The training took a short period of time and soon I was marketing the legal plan, and got paid. Each time I marketed a legal plan, I got paid... In fact, I now focus on making payday.... ever day!

The leadership and support from the New York team is great and I'm very happy to be part of something much larger than me. After my 6 year tour with the United States Marine Corps, I first hand understand the power of unity and logistic support. All of which are real with LegalShield and the corporate team, as well as the leadership who have shown a true interest in my success.

As an Independent Associate, I have been privileged to continue my mission to protect freedom (USMC) and to make the legal system available and affordable to you and your entire family (LegalShield).

Come take a closer look, you have stumbled on the what many are calling the business of the 21st Sentry.

This is not a time to procrastinate... Take action now and get in possition to profit like no other job can give you!

Mr. Hernandez

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Rubin Hernandez
Name: Rubin Hernandez
Location: Englewood Cliffs,New Jersey,United States
Job Title: Just4MeandU
Company: Legal Shield

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