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Jason Minnig is currently living in Colorado, working as a Distributor in "Skinny Body Care" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Jason Minnig

Objective: To seek long term and stable employment within an organization
that will allow me to be able to utilize my skill sets to full use and
contribute to overall stability and growth within an organization. I have
always been within the top 5% on any given sales force and know how to work
a sale from prospecting all the way to the close.

Sales and Sales Trainer University Prep Center
Computer Software and Education Industry
December 2010 to Present

Responsibilities included, but not limited to, Hiring, Training, Sales and
Lead Generation on Internet based platforms. Understand the sales cycle and
ideal at one call closes.

Sales and Sales Training WordSmart Corp

Computer Software industry
June 2010 - December 2010

Responsible for software sales in relation to high school students getting
higher scores on their SAT exams. I was also responsible for helping
struggling sales representatives to achieving their delegated quotas.
Inbound and Outbound Sales Responsibilities.

Sales Trainer, Sales and Prospecting at HDTV Media LLC

Media Production industry
December 2009 - June 2010

Solicited new business for placement within a online business portal and
sought out new clients for video production for a TV series and video
placement on the website

Sales and Sales trainer at University Prep Center

Computer Software industry
April 2009 - November 2009

Contacted parents of high school students to offer them a program to help
increase a students SAT/ACT/PSAT scores. Was active in finding the best
solution for students to ascertain the highest test scores and trained
other reps to obtain the best closing and consultative approach to a one
call close. Inbound and Outbound Sales Responsibilities.

Sales Manager / Trainer at Target Score Learning Systems

Computer Software industry
January 2009 - March 2009

In charge of managing and maintaining personnel to achieve projected sales
and revenue goals. Working in alignment of producing new strategies and
internet marketing to supersede competition. Introduced ideas and
strategies that increased sales from $129 per unit to $199 in as little as
a week. Have a proven track record of keeping am employees mental
prospective in alignment with their goals and company goals. Generated
internet strategies and ideas that enhanced and doubled warm leads to
increase overall conversion.

Business Owner Advanced Promo Solutions

January 2008 - January 2009

Owned and operated Advanced Promo Solutions that reached out to Real Estate
Agents with Advertising needs, such as; Pens, Mouse Pads, Flyers, Folders
and anything to help them promote and market themselves to prospective

Executive Sales Representative

Real Estate industry
July 2007- January 2008

Responsible for setting up web sites and proper marketing solutions for
real estate agents on a national basis within an online real estate portal.
Required to cold call real estate agents and lead them through the process
of making the best solution to increase their target market as well as help
them sell their listings much more effectively and cost efficient. I worked
in conjunction with other sales reps. to train them with better closing
techniques and walking them through the process listening to the
prospective buyer\'s signs to closing themselves with the least amount of
objections. Inbound and Outbound Sales Responsibilities.

Sales Trainer, Accounts Manager and Business Coach at One Coach

Media Production industry
January 2007 - June 2007

Conducted calls based on leads generated through teleconferences and weekly
seminars. Maintained top sales for small business coaching and was in
charge of handling all accounts and providing the latest strategies and
assistance with sales, Internet Marketing, Branding and over all ROI
(Return on Investment). I was also in charge of training all sales staff to
insure the best strategies and tactics for ascertaining the best clientele
that met and exceeded the company\'s ideal client profile. Always maintained
a very low cancellation rate in regards to all sales generated.

Accounts Manager/ IT Web Services at

August 2006 - December 2006

In charge of managing accounts and providing marketing solutions for all
aspects of business. Job includes, but not limited to, Hosting, Web Design,
Dedicated Servers, Domain Registration, Search Engine Optimization, Paper
Per Click (PPC) generated traffic and advertising. Responsible for helping
clients build their business from the ground up and flourish in today\'s
market. All accounts monitored daily and provide IT assistance to insure
all applications run smoothly. Inbound and Outbound Sales Responsibilities.

Senior Accounts Manager/ Project Developer at Telnform Corporation

November 2005 - March 2006

Working with car dealers on a national level. I was to insure proper
techniques in regards to pre-qualifying potential buyers in their direct
market for the purchase of a vehicle. Designed and developed a new
advertising project and assisted in research and development to insure the
project was well suited for the target market involved. I maintained a
strong work ethic and helped train others to be more powerful with phone
sales skills and approaches.

Senior Educational Consultant/ Trainer at WordSmart Corporation

Computer Software industry
September 2002 - November 2005

Responsible for software sales in relation to high school students getting
higher scores on their SAT exams. I was also responsible for helping
struggling sales representatives to achieving their delegated quotas.
Inbound and Outbound Sales Responsibilities.

Skills and Experience:

Crafting / Document Training Strategy

For over 5 years have created marketing and business proposals for
implementation and integration for,,,
Wordsmart Corp, Target Score Learning Systems, One Coach and Scholarship
Fund America.

Planning / Designing Curriculum

Above listed companies, I was in charge of; writing scripts, mandatory
confirmations, sales approaches in relation to mindset and personnel goals.
Listening in ones sales teams calls and integrating suggestions or new

Delivering Face to Face Training

Trained new sales personnel in a classroom and convention environment.
Worked at numerous seminars with One Coach to help clients with the best
approach to building and maintaining their business. Was in charge of all
sales staff at Target Score Learning Systems with the best sales approach
and product knowledge and tripled sales for the room in a single week\'s
time. Worked and trained all struggling and new employees at Wordsmart Corp
to meet and exceed company sales quotas. Established and trained new and
current employees to supersede company financial goals and objectives at
Scholarship Fund America.

Creating and Writing Documentation

Wrote and produced scripting and legal documentation for all sales
representatives. Set quotas and standards that coincided with the company\'s
best interest in mind and generated more sales and revenue for employees
and the companies alike. Familiar with for profit and Non Profit business

Planning and Designing Classroom Instruction.

Set hours and standards for hands on and comprehensive training which
required involvement of new sales staff to be self reliant and to rely on
working well with their peers. Best approaches were to provide knowledge of
products and services and then allow new sales staff to listen to veterans,
get on the phones and then back into the classroom to handle any objections
they were faced with. Many sales staff create their own objections and I am
able to share the best approaches to alleviate those causing objections and
teach them to let the prospective client close themselves.

Professional and Public Speaking Skills

Spoke during coaching seminars with One Coach and Always
important to let people know their attitude directs their business or life
goals. Held numerous training classes which coincide with a positive
mindset and knowledge to encourage a person to reach their fullest

Internet and Marketing Skills

Worked and developed websites and Marketing Strategies for lead generation,
promotional codes and UTUBE video integration. Familiarized with PPC or Pay
Per Click Campaigns, SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Understand
different variables equate for strong SEO; Articles, Back links, Content,
Site Submissions, Blog and Ping and Charset and ISO Robot configuration.

Analyzing and Restructuring Employer Data.

With companies Target Score Learning Systems,, One Coach
and Wordsmart Corp. I would look at contributing variables; geography,
demographics, logistics, recessions, natural disasters, and economy, to
understand and supersede other competitors. This was done by integrating
special offers and approaches to take control of current situations in a
positive and profitable mannerism. Separating ones products and services
deems for realistic goals when a company identifies their ideal client
profile and then caters to reaching their needs. This alleviates or
controls what would presume to be a company\'s downfall or success, in
regards to risk management.

CRM Tool familiarity and Affiliate Marketing

Used Sugar CRM tool and Full partner to establish drip marketing campaigns
and client feedback. Helped build and integrate an affiliate marketing
program with and set up parameters and pay schedules for
top real estate speakers and agents alike. I was also in charge of
marinating a predictive dialer for Target Score Learning Systems, by
providing the best leads and conversions, by analyzing data from previous
months and lead sources to receive the best ROI or Return on Investment.


University of Nevada-Reno
1991 - 1995

Activities and Societies: Social Chairman T.K.E. Fraternity, Worked with
MDA Fundraising, Fire Fighter for BLM

Amador Valley High School

Truckee Meadows Community College

Wildland Services/ US Forest Service

Some College Coursework Completed

Studied in the field of Economics. I trained to be a firefighter during
that time and worked my way up to be an Engine Boss. I also learned to run
projects in relation to Geo-Physics in accordance to pre defined time
allotments and anomaly readings for gold company drill sites.

References Available upon request.

Quick Profile Summary

Jason Minnig
Name: Jason Minnig
Location: Colorado,United States
Job Title: Distributor
Company: Skinny Body Care

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