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Shawn Lynch is currently living in Galloway, New Jersey, works in "Frost" and is interested in Affiliate Program.
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Galloway, New Jersey

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Affiliate Program

My Interests

Guitar, making Dub Step, Reefer, Physcology, Physics, writing poetry, writing music, writing stories, assisting other people in need.

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Shawn Lynch has joined on Jun 18, 2011

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I am a 19 year old, semi collegiate, intellectual entrepenaur/powerful spirit.

I am currently in the wave of a new ascension, as I wish you guys are all happy and doing good as well. Positivity is the only conscious action that will allow ourselves to reform and live a more creative a well rounded lifestyle!
I have been browsing around online for the past 2 weeks, searching for a new way in. A new way to get where I needed to be, up top, and teach. Teach about real life physcology and help mold the new wave. Unfortunately, I do not have credentials to prove that I am of such simple, outside of the box, genius. Trust me when I tell you, I am no fraud.

I\'ve come across an interesting oppertunity to make so much money SO easily, and in your own fun personalized way. There are blogs, chatrooms, picture uploading, user friendly tools, resources, business managers, and all the other good sweets you need to get your business up and going, posing affiliation links! What an amazing spot to be in! I really would appreciate it if you gave me some assistance and helped a new face out, as I WILL constantly Join up on these forums.

My name is Shawn Lynch my email is: my cell is 609-513-8867

If i do not answer my cell phone, please leave a message. I am currently in process of mass producing new consumer products. Yes... in the next year or so, I will be able to utilize my time and future compensation from this website, I will start to put my ideas in affect. Feel Free to email me anytime and here is the website I would appreciate for you to check out so much.

Please sign up and help me help you get started with this great program I found and am into 100%!!!!!

Thank you all and have a wonderful day, each and every one of you.

I have a superb artistic mind, I love to read, write, and record. I make my own music, and I created my own tools for happiness. I\'m also very open-minded and I have a real good personal advice system and I love helping out other people to seek what they need and find what they want in life. I\'m also really interested astrology and I have such a huge grasp of space and quantum physics.

What I actually have proof of is I have almost a full year of technical trade Junior College finished, I completed High school, I\'ve worked with many many employers and I\'m super out of the societal box, but I am, and I could be a perfect aspect to any business.

Its a short resume, I don\'t have much proof of certification, but if you want to get in contact with me, I would love to chat about my life experience.

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Shawn Lynch
Name: Shawn Lynch
Location: Galloway,New Jersey,United States
Company: Frost

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