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R Davis is currently living in Oregon, and is interested in Automotive.
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NMC-National Motor Club

Been in business for 56 years
A+ rating with BBB
We have over 12.5 million clients nationwide
Owned by the Jensens (billionaires)

Our headquarters are in Irving,Tx---We are looking for agents in Portland area and the surrounding area

We are looking for salesman to deliver our phenomenal product that sells itself.
We have a good referral system that will lead to new customers. We also can order you lapsed memberships leads in your area.
This is also a great opportunity for someone who is already a business professional to make great supplemental income such as insurance agents, realtors, car salesman, tow truck dispatchers, teachers, pharmacists, sales pros, waitresses, barbers, or any other professional who is in contact with many people daily and has an already established customer/clientele base.
Also, great for someone who enjoys talking to people and someone who is a go getter.

We provide you with your own website that has a back office/virtual secretary. We also provide you with all of your sales and marketing material for free.

You are independent, which means you report to no one and have no quotas.

You get paid 7 ways with the company:
1. Advanced commission of $50.40 to start with NO CHARGEBACKS (paid weekly)***This is starting level, you move up based on production***
You start as a 4 star rep and can move all the way up to a 7 star rep which pays you ($93.60 in advanced commission)

2. Back end builds up and you are paid again for same sale

3. Residual income of 6 to 8% every single month of your clients monthly membership as long as they are still with the company. (Adds up quick)

4. FREE stock plan. The company will kick in an extra 10% of what you made for the month into an in house private company stock for you. Example: If you made $2,000 for the month,
the company will kick in an extra $200 into a stock for you. You can cash out your stock when you decide to leave the company. Totally amazing.

5. Vested pension plan. If you sell 60 memberships in a year, you will be vested for that year. When you leave the company, you will be paid monthly in residual income for as many years as you vested.

6. Company trips. Reach certain sales goals and you will be able to attend our NMC all inclusive trip for you and a guest.

7. Leadership overwrites-make additional income from the production of your sales team once you reach our leader levels

8. Bonus money starts for the 4th qtr today Sept 28 until Dec 31 -(13 weeks)
***You are eligible for personal and sales team bonuses*** There is over $8,000 available for you and your family in bonus money alone

Personal bonuses:

14 diamond plus sales = $250 bonus

28 diamond plus sales= $350 bonus (Also your lodging and meals will be paid for our Dallas reunion at years end, from this level up)--****No reason eveeryone cannot get to at least this level*** About 2 sales per week****

41 diamond plus sales= $550 bonus

60 diamond plus sales= $1,000 bonus

92 diamond plus sales= $2,000 bonus

139 diamond plus sales= $4,000 bonus

231 diamond plus sales=$5,000 bonus

Team Bonuses---The sales your direct team makes from members who were cleared to sell as of August 7th,2012

10 diamond plus sales from your team = $250 bonus

37 diamond plus sales from your team= $500 bonus
***Everyone should easily get to this level as well, average 3 memberships from your team***

65 diamond plus sales from you team= $1,000 bonus

93 diamond plus sales from your sales team= $2,000 bonus

139 diamond plus sales from your sales team= $3,000 bonus

Holiday Bonus

5 diamond plus sales during Thanksgiving week= $100 bonus

5 diamond plus sales during Christmas week= $100 bonus

Also, if you would like to build your own team of agents the company will pay you $10 to $26 on every sale that your sales team makes. So you can hire your own sales team . You can reach certain leadership levels based on your team production and you will make more money on each sale from your sales team as well as your own production. They are called leadership overwrites. You may know a few people other than yourself who would love to make great income with the company as an independent agent and you can get them on your sales team. Also, there are large team bonuses you can attain as well.

Our benefit plan sells itself and is unmatched in the industry, it just need you to deliver it.
Clients get all these benefits for just $18 a month!! INSTANT COVERAGE.
• No contracts (can cancel anytime)
• No physicals
• No age limit

NMC Benefits policy includes:

Tire Change
Fuel Delivery
Battery Boost
Jump Starts
Lock Service
Free lockout service for locked or lost keys

Stranded due to an accident? National Motor Club will pay for your rental car,
meals, flights and hotel accommodations. . .even if the accident wasn't in your own car!
You do not even have to be driving
*Not available to California residents

National Motor Club will pay the fee for the attorney of your choice:
Up to $200 for speeding charges
Up to $200 for moving violations
Up to $500 for personal injury**
Up to $500 for vehicle damages**
Up to $2000 for negligent homicide or manslaughter***
*Not available to CA
**Not available to TX or NV residents
***Not available to MD residents

NMC will help you pay your medical bill
$100 for an ambulance
$100 for anesthetics
$100 for X-rays
$100 for emergency room visits
$100 for blood transfusions
$100 for casts or splints

This will give you a piece of mind knowing that if you were to pass away due to ANY injury, your beneficiary will receive a $10,000 check
*Not available in Vermont

Save yourself the time and hassle...Let National Motor Club plan your trip for you!
For travel anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico
From Detailed Directions to Maps/Brochures to Hotel Information
Save up to:

30% on Car Rentals
30% on Hotel
50% on Condo Rentals 50% on Cruises

Keep your money! National Motor Club will put up a $5,000 reward for the safe return of your vehicle!

If you are in an automobile accident (at work, home, or play) and have to be hospitalized,
National Motor Club will pay $150 for each day you're hospitalized, as many as 400 consecutive days!

*******National Motor Club Even Offers Non-Vehicle Related Services*********

National Motor Club not only covers you when a car accident occurs,
but they'll also cover you for non-vehicles related accidents
at work, at home, during play, or while traveling on business.
You are covered 24/7 wherever and whenever the incident occurs.

Protection Up To $25,000 in Restoration Services
*Not available in TX, AR, and TN

Vision Care
15-60% off eye glasses
15% off conventional contact lenses
5-15% off LASIK and PRK procedures

15-60% off prescriptions

You get a very prestigious benefit called Assist America benefit if you need a medical flight and you are more than a 100 miles away from your residency NMC will provide it for you. Also return of mortal remains, care of minors, and much more

All this for only $18 a month.
Clients are covered instantly.

Please visit our website for our interested agents go to (Go to the tab that says start your career for a terrific breakdown, as well as frequently asked questions tab, and income potential tab)

If you are interested please reply to this ad. I will help you get started, tell you more about the company, and answer any questions you have.

Looking forward to much success with NMC.

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R Davis
Name: R Davis
Location: Oregon,United States

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