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About Bryan Burton

Bryan Burton is currently living in North Carolina, working as a CEO/Voice-Over Talent in "Bryan Burton Voice-Overs" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Media.
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CEO/Voice-Over Talent


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North Carolina

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Advertising & Media, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Media

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YOUR PROBLEM: Finding consistantly-giving, \"young male\" voice talent with the extensive actor training and production experience required to bring advertising and narrative copy to life!

YOUR SOLUTION: ...a \"Bryan Burton Voice-Over.\"

I specialize in providing voice-overs for radio, TV, and online content commercials, as well as \"instructional video\" narration.

I can record from my own home studio, which saves my clients the cost of having to pay for what I like to call \"store-front studio fees.\" It also allows me to provide them quicker turn-around times on projects.

And, of course, while I pride myself in my ability to work within almost any budget, my main goal is to help you and your business successfully communicate your messages to your targeted audiences.

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Bryan Burton
Name: Bryan Burton
Location: North Carolina,United States
Job Title: CEO/Voice-Over Talent
Company: Bryan Burton Voice-Overs

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Bryan Burton
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