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Patrick Flint is currently living in Goshen, Indiana, works in "Flint Strategic Partners" and is interested in Consulting.
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Goshen, Indiana

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Flint Strategic Partners is a Midwest based full-service business consulting firm headquartered in Goshen, Indiana that specializes in helping small and mid-size businesses improve their results. Our team of 12 business advisors bring a combined total of 330 years of experience leading and managing manufacturing and service businesses.

Solving your issues and challenges, along with helping you develop new business opportunities, becomes our priority. We help you UNDERSTAND-DEFINE-ANALYZE-CONFIRM-IMPLEMENT-MONITOR your business to:
Fine-Tune or develop a new Sales and Marketing Process for Sustainable Revenue Growth
Develop and improve the leadership skills of your team
Align your objectives and action plans around your Vision, Strategy and Goals
Improve the overall cost structure and competitiveness of the business
Focus on the future and not just today
Build the organizational structure and accountability to improve results

Our Consultant\'s Experience:

Total of over 330 years of combined experience in Management and Leadership of Corporations, Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Human Resources, Engineering, Financial, Operations, Purchasing, Quality Systems and Supply Chain Solutions.

Sales and Marketing Experience:

Over 135 years of total experience growing sales in tough markets and all types of economic conditions, developing and implementing successful sales and marketing strategies, industrial and consumer markets, new product development, leading and managing large direct sales teams, manufacturers rep. groups, distributors and dealers.

Plastic Industry Experience:

Our team has a Total of 125 years of Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extruded Film, Shape Molding and Fabricated Foam, Tooling and Automation Equipment.

Unique Experience:

Start-ups, Mergers and Acquisitions, Turnaround Management, Due Diligence, Cost Reduction Programs, Building New Facilities and Plant Shut Downs.

Global Experience:

Asia, India, Mexico, Europe and Central America.

Industry Experience:

Automotive, RV, Healthcare, Banking, Aerospace, Packaging, Plastics, Appliance, Lawn and Garden, Construction, Furniture, Agriculture, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Outdoor and Recreation, Retail, Consumer Products, Service Industries and Non-Profit Organizations.

Organization Experience:

Small, Mid-Sized and Fortune 500 companies; Union and Non-Union, Privately Owned, Family Owned and Publicly Traded.

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Patrick Flint
Name: Patrick Flint
Location: Goshen,Indiana,United States
Company: Flint Strategic Partners

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Patrick Flint
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