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Jon Bostrom is currently living in Portland, Oregon, working as a Realtor Affilate in "Homes for Heroes" and is interested in Resources.
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Realtor Affilate


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Portland, Oregon

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Realtor Affiliate, Homes for Heroes:

As a naval veteran and an educator of 35 years, I am proud to assist and
qualify the workforce heroes: firefighters, peace officers, educators,
military personnel (active and veteran) and healthcare workers in their
pursuit of buying or selling a home.

In the process of helping the workforce heroes, it gives me renewed pride
in previously serving my country, and pleased to be in this unique position
to assist our brave people in uniform, making it easier and financially
viable for them to bring the dream of homeownership within reach.

By my affiliation with the Homes for Heroes Program, it is of great honor
to offer the real extraordinary discounts on aspects of a real estate
transaction to the workforce heroes for providing us extraordinary service
to our community.

With the affiliate members\' (realtor and lender) discount contributions,
the workforce heroes in addition receive lifetime savings beyond the
closing transactions from a group of concerned business owners called
Friends of Heroes who provide savings on their products and services
without expirations.

We continue to cultivate additional partnerships with Friends of Heroes to
increase everyone\'s involvement in supporting our local sustainable growth
and vibrant community.

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Jon Bostrom
Name: Jon Bostrom
Location: Portland,Oregon,United States
Job Title: Realtor Affilate
Company: Homes for Heroes

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Jon Bostrom
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