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About Hughes Bankruptcy

Hughes Bankruptcy is currently living in Ohio, working as a Document Specialist in "Hughes Bankruptcy" and is interested in Legal Services.
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Document Specialist


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Legal Services

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Hughes Bankruptcy Services is a Documentation Preperation Company. We prepare and assist people in filing the necessary documents for the following:

Chapter 7 Bankrtupcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code, Limited Liability Corporation Registration and Tax Identification, General Power of Attorney and specific needs, Affidavits, Living Wills, Health Care Authorization, Legal Couples Separation, US Citizenship Filing (Naturalization Petitons), Criminal Expungement, Legal Name Change, Guardianship of Minor, Trusteeship (City of Cleveland) and Landlord Services.

We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. We prepare the documentation for people who are able to take control of their own legal matters. Our job is to provide the highest quality document preparation at an affordable price to you. There are a great number of legal matters where clients can effectively represent themselves, and we as paralegals are here to guide you!

To learn details of our services and preparation, please contact us today!

Ohio Registered. Established since 2007

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Hughes Bankruptcy
Name: Hughes Bankruptcy
Location: Ohio,United States
Job Title: Document Specialist
Company: Hughes Bankruptcy

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Hughes Bankruptcy
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