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Downsize123 David Warner is currently living in Hallandale Beach, Florida, working as a We turn your TREASURES to TRASH in CASH in "Downsize123" and is interested in Services.
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We turn your TREASURES to TRASH in CASH


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Hallandale Beach, Florida

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Downsize will work one on one with you and your family to meet or exceed your needs.

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Downsize123 David Warner has joined on Jun 12, 2011

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Downsize123 is committed to delivering honest and caring service based on a superior knowledge of the downsizing, antique, consignment, moving and packing industry. WIth over thirty years experience in the antique and consignment industry we have a genuine understanding of our clients and their family members\'s needs during very trying and difficult times. Our genuine enthusiasm for what we do we are able to communicate clearly with our clients and family members. Our aim at downsize123 is to produce results through honesty and integrity that directly and positively impact on our clients\'. Downsize123 is also committed to providing an informal yet professional working environment that encourages teamwork and enthusiasm. Downsize123\'s culture and philosophy is based on a no nonsense\' approach to customer relations that values clarity of thought and honesty of expression above empty promises and meaningless jargon.

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Downsize123 David Warner
Name: Downsize123 David Warner
Location: Hallandale Beach,Florida,United States
Job Title: We turn your TREASURES to TRASH in CASH
Company: Downsize123

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Downsize123 David Warner
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