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About Greig Rosengrant

Greig Rosengrant is currently living in Millersville, Maryland, working as a Founder/Co-Owner in "GM Caben Consulting" and is interested in Consulting, Marketing, Media.
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Millersville, Maryland

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Consulting, Marketing, Media

My Interests

Marketing Consulting; Online-Offline Marketing, Lead Generation, List Building. Online Business Automation, Product Development, training and working with like-minded people, Joint Ventures, New Technology. Nothing better than residual income. The Saga Continues... Creating meaningful relationships with fellow SBO's and Hang'in out with family, just do'n Cool Stuff and enjoying life.

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Greig Rosengrant has joined on Jun 12, 2011

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G.M. Caben is a Family of Internet Marketing Practitioners. Enjoying the opportunity of helping Local Business Owners create profit through various time proven Internet Marketing Strategies, Techniques and Modern Technologies.

Greig and MaryAnn, Owners ( The G and M in Caben) have been online full time sense 2006.

Our specialties are diversified from Search Engine Optimization to Mobile Marketing to Media Buying and PPC to Copywriting, and Product Development, however we know that SMB Owners main interest is in getting more business and what Most SMB are really asking for is "traffic that converts into sales that improve their bottom line."

That's what we do...

And Local Small Business Owners are Killin It with our Google/Local/Mobile Strategies.

We capture the Leads and build Databases (Lists) for our clients, each list can be a different campaign, the point is that the list turns into customers, then repeat buyers, that you can contact on a regular bases.

How about if you could contact them at 10am and have them come to your Brick and Morter Business By 2pm.
That's Loyal Repeat Buyers almost like On-Demand, wouldn't you say?

It's called Mobile Marketing and It's the Newest Mass Media.

( Sorry...I do get excited talking about it, don't I ? ; )

We have best practices systems of procedure in place to ensure that every aspect of our clients Internet and Mobile marketing campaigns runs smoothly - especially when you need your copywriter to work with your programmer, or your site designer to work with your SEO professional and you can't get ahold of your Mobile Marketing Manager.

Sheeeeesh! ( Some days your the BUG and some days your the Windshield )

We're here 24/7, 364 to help build your company and manage your growing database (list) of repeat buyers.

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Greig Rosengrant
Name: Greig Rosengrant
Location: Millersville,Maryland,United States
Job Title: Founder/Co-Owner
Company: GM Caben Consulting

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Greig Rosengrant
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