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About Gsc Associates

Gsc Associates is currently living in Portland, Oregon, working as a Lead Generation Specialist in "Opt In BIz Leads" and is interested in Marketing.
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Lead Generation Specialist


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Portland, Oregon

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"As a service-oriented business, I find it highly rewarding to be able to meet with a qualified prospective client, spend time with assessing their specific needs and their goals, and then successfully implement the strategies that will help them achieve their objectives." GS Crable- President Opt In BIz Leads

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gsc associates has joined on Jun 12, 2011

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Email Marketing:

Our professional marketing & development team will custom-design your creative content, build your landing page on the world-wide-web, safely deliver your opt-in campaign, track your results,(including real-time blast monitoring), and assist you with post-campaign analysis of your response-rates. With a proven track record, our mailer will easily execute your campaigns from start to finish. What more could a serious marketer want?

Internet Marketing:

100% Opt In Only marketing programs get the word about your company, your product, and your services. We offer custom solutions for each client we work with. How it works: Shoppers search for your product by typing keywords into search engines like Google & MSN. Our strong, SEO-based partner websites virtually guarantee high traffic from these search engines, and their conversion teams bring you live, custom leads daily, weekly or monthly!

Lead Generation:

From Insurance to Real Estate, we have the technology and the data to fulfill every kind of targeted sales leads request. Just tell us your industry, and how many leads you need!

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gsc associates
Name: Gsc Associates
Location: Portland,Oregon,United States
Job Title: Lead Generation Specialist
Company: Opt In BIz Leads

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gsc associates
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