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About Liger security Corporation™

Liger Security Corporation™ is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, working as an Alarm Systems Monitoring and Private Security Services in "LiGER Security Corporation™" and is interested in Security.
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Alarm Systems Monitoring and Private Security Services


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Toronto, Ontario

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Business and partnership

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LiGER Security Corporation™ has joined on Jun 12, 2011

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LiGER Security Corporation believes the keys to success include:

Providing free property assessment to our clients in order to customize the right security products and services that are tailored to each clients needs and budget;

staying up to date on new security threats unknown to most clients, and providing innovative security measures to address these new threats;

Standardized professional training methods to confidently execute our mission statement;

Monitoring the quality of service we provide;

Assign each client with a readily accessible security expert to address questions and concerns

Having a developed network of qualified individuals which are available to accommodate clients needs.

Features Benefits
Safety, 24-hour service quick response, zero tolerance for crimes, absolute reliability, durable Employment, excellent service, affordable price, professional trained security officers, quick response, safety, peace of mind, reduce risk, protect your business, assets, facility and employees, excellent security program at your facility, long term quality customer service commitment


Continuous improvement
customer service focused


LiGER Security Corporation offers its clientele with a wide range of products and services for their security concerns and needs. When it comes to providing effective security solutions, we are a one stop shop security solutions provider.

Why LiGER Security Corporation?

LiGER Security Corporation has taken a unique approach to the business of private security services by:

Building trust with clients as a partner rather than simply business transactions;

Dedicating our times and efforts to monitor the quality of services in order to accomplished our commitments;

Working side by side with clients to help choose the appropriate security products and security service that are tailored to each client\'s unique needs and budgets;

Bringing new and innovative ideas that include enhanced training and professional honest business practices to clients;

Providing 24-hour professional business services and safety protection solutions;

Employing qualified individuals who genuinly believe in our mission statement.;

Providing well-groomed, exceptionally trained, uniformed security guards;

By ensuring our clientele that appropriate actions will be taken to prevent and minimize incidents such as break ins and property damage;

By training our security guards on clientssite at no cost to the client. This way our securiy guards have some experience on clients site before officially working and

Providing a wide range of products and services for clients to choose from.

Keep in mind that the fulfillment of our commitments will only be

accomplished by the level of peace of mind that our clients experiences while under our protection.

Our Management Team

The management team at LiGER Security Corporation has establiahed muiltiple streams of recruitment. LiGER Security Corporation receives a large daily volume of applicants therefore we can afford to uphold high company standards causing a low hiring percentage yet still are able to keep enough human resourses. Most applicants are unable to meet our qualifications requirements

Our Guards:

All our security guards are well trained and licensed under the private security and investigation services act 2005.

Our Training

Executive Protection Training:

All of our Executive Protection officers are highly trained by retired Police Officer and retired Military Soldiers. Our Training methods specializing in proactive security measures designed to recognize, analyze, and address risks before they become predicaments. LiGER Security Corporation guards are trained to conduct themselves in a low-key discreet manner, with the mindset that we are representing our client at all times. Each body guard is affluent in the practical applications of preventive measures, logistical support as well as the professional representation of the client, always knowing that \"Image is everything\". In this ever changing and technical world LiGER Security Corporation continues to enhance and hone our knowledge and skills as well as promote new proactive security measures and techniques. Our Agents are taught that their primary

responsibility is that of the client and to facilitate a low-key and seamless operation. The overriding premise of our training is prevention.

Additionally, our Officers complete our very intensive private executive protection-training which includes:
1) Protective Team Dynamics
2) Communication Skills
3) First Aid / CPR
4) Counter-Surveillance and Surveillance Detection
5) Defensive Driving Techniques
6) Escape/Evasion Driving
7) Defensive Preparedness
8) Hand-to-Hand Defensive Tactics
9) Protection Specialist
10) Threat Assessment
11) Use of Protective Instruments
12) Advanced Firearms Tactics
13) Force Continuum and Issues of Liabilities

Two hundred (200) hours of our private training is dedicated to \"real-time\" practical scenarios, whereby the potential LiGER Security Corporation personnel is critiqued on his/her reaction and resolution resolve. Discretion, professionalism and sound judgment are the principles of our Executive & Celebrity Protection training

40-hour Basic Security Guard Training

LiGER Security Corporation conducts training that exceeds any of our competitors programs. The knowledge of our management team is passed on to our new employees. In addition to the province mandated certification courses, LiGER Security Corporations personnel must attend:

1) Defensive Tactics Training
2) Patrol Techniques
3) Customer Service Seminar
4) Onsite Training
6) Security system usage & access control
7) Conflict resolution
8) Ongoing testing, evaluation & training
9) Introduction: Standardized Security Guard Training and Testing in Canada
10) Introduction to the Security Industry
11) Private Security Legislation, Regulations, and Codes of Conduct
12) Basic Security Procedures
13) Report Writing
14) Health and Safety
15) Emergency Preparedness and Response
16) Canadian Legal System
17) Legal Authorities
18) Effective Communication
19) Sensitivity Training
20) Use-of-Force Theory
21) Emergency Level First Aid
22) Conclusion: How to Prepare for, Write, and Pass a Multiple-Choice Question Test

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LiGER Security  Corporation™
Name: LiGER Security Corporation™
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Alarm Systems Monitoring and Private Security Services
Company: LiGER Security Corporation™

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