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About Creekstone Academy

Creekstone Academy works at the company Creekstone Academy.
Creekstone Academy is located in Georgia and is interested in Education.
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Creekstone Academy
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Quick Summary

Name: Creekstone Academy
Location: Georgia,United States
Company: Creekstone Academy

Member Spotlight

Durrell Dixon

By trade I am a corporate trainer. Currently, for the last 6 years, I have worked as trainer for Convergys-- an international customer service company. One of most satisfying aspects employment, has been teaching others how to be succsesful. My skills and passion for teaching others was developed while attending culinary school Anaconda MT, and SanFrancisco CA, were I was a student teacher. After graduating from culinary school, I co-founded Calvary's Way church, Innerworks Ministries, and Calvary's Way Ministries. During this time I was in charge of training and development for these entities. Concidering my work history, getting involved with referral marketing seemed to be a good decision. I have invested a considerable amount of time and resources in developing the nessary skills, finding the right business's and cultivate key relastionships that will enable me to provide others and my self with the opprotunity for total life success.

Business Spotlight

Ceiling Pro Intl

Offering A Unique Business Opertunity in the Cleaning Industry We have 24 years of expertise and 500 locations worldwide. There is a lot of potential for you to start a ceiling cleaning business or add this service to your already existing company working with Ceiling Pro International. We are in 43 countries and expanding. The potential of the ceiling cleaning market is huge, nobody knows how to handle it properly (either you replace the old ceilings – but it cost in new material, recycling the old one, labor…, or you repaint, remodel…or try some non-efficient methods : high pressure washer, vapor, sugar-soap…) We have 24 years' experience and we can teach you … We did some research, studied the market and our profit margins are 50 to 70%. They’re the highest in the industry, they’re very real and we earn them every day. You will too. The general work is not labor intensive. It’s fast and easy to do. The products are inexpensive to apply. The results are amazing and get’s customers talking about you. Very little or no competition. Over 12 billion square feet of acoustical ceilings currently needs to be painted, replaced or CLEANED! Our Dealers or “Partners in Profit” have advantages over competition because they can now offer new and unique service. Generate more income because of the much broader base of commercial industries, companies within them and countless customers. Leverage CPI’s National Accounts and our electronic version of hundreds of satisfied customer letters we receive. “Instant foot in the door”. Stake your claim to territory before anyone else with CPI’s backing and support every step of the way. Unlimited income potential and repeat business. No financial risk! CPI literally guarantees your success. Executive Summary: Strengthen your existing brand - Capture greater market share - Add significant profit margins to your bottom line. “Guaranteed” I invite you to take notice of ceilings during your normal day – office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc. It justifies why CPI has and will continue to be successful. Don't wait call me today Karen Scott to stake your claim in this business in your own city 952-957-0007 Ext 15 In order to keep this a niche market we have limited the number of companies we will accept based on the area you live in.  

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Creekstone Academy
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