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Do's & Dont's - Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Do's & Dont's - Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Instant Identity Check's mission is to give people easy and affordable access to public record information. However, laws such as the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) regulate how you can use information you obtain from Instant Identity Check.

Find Lost Love

Instant Identity Check loves hearing stories about how people use public records to reconnect with people.

Verify Potential Roommates

Before you commit to that lease, find out who you'll be living with.

Scope Out Your Online Date

Public records are a great tool, but remember- Nothing replaces intuition and common sense.

Find Someone's Current Address

Sending invitations and greeting cards has never been easier.

Go Ahead, Check Yourself Out

It is not silly, it is important. You should know what is in your public record.

Verify Online Buyers and Sellers

Before you bid, make sure that person on the online auction site is who he says he is.

Retrieve Public Court Records

Unless you prefer to spend your days running around Gov't buildings, court runners are here waiting - if you want them for permitted purposes.

Employer Background Checks

Employers can't use Instant Identity Check to conduct background checks of employees and applicants. We take this very seriously and so should you.

Screen Tenants

You have to use a special company called a Consumer Reporting Agency to conduct a background check on potential tenants - it's the law!

Contact People Against Their Wishes

If they don't want to be contacted, you should respect their wishes.

Stalk or Spy on People

Use Instant Identity Check responsibly and respect peoples' right to privacy.

Steal an Identity

Identity theft is a serious offense with serious consequences. Don't do it!

Mortgages, Credit Checks, Insurance

You might be committing a crime if you use Instant Identity Check to determine consumers' eligibility for these.

Lookup a Nanny or Domestic Help

You must follow the same procedure for running a background check that employers hiring an applicant must follow.

You are restricted from using Instant Identity Check for:

Restricted Use

Employment Screening

You may not use Instant Identity Check when evaluating a person for employment, reassignment, promotion, or retention

Hiring of Household Workers

Including, but not limited to, nannies and domestic workers

Tenant Screening

Including, but not limited to, leasing a residential or commercial space

Educational Qualification

Including, but not limited to, a person's qualifications for an educational program or scholarship

Credit or Insurance

Assesssing the risk of existing credit obligations of an individual
Determining eligibility for issuing credit or insurance

Business Transactions Initiated by an Individual Customer

Reviewing a personal customer account to determine whether the person continues to meet the terms of the account

Using Instant Identity Check information in these ways violates both our Terms & Conditions and the law, and can lead to possible criminal penalties. We take this very seriously, and reserve the right to terminate user accounts and/or report violators to law enforcement as appropriate.

Some Other Common Use Cases

Some Other Common Use Cases

Met a new crush online? Check 'em out.

Thinking about setting up a new carpool for the kids? Have a look.

Want to reconnect with people from back in the old neighborhood? Most welcome.

Address book in need of an updating? Clean it up.

Curious about distant relatives and other family members? Research away.

Interested to see what is in your public record? Take a gander.

Don't want to waste a day at the courthouse? Find court records fast, for permitted purposes of course.

Trying to set up your friend with that lovely person you met on the plane? You are a matchmaker.

Not sure who is behind that unknown number that keeps calling? Run a reverse phone search.

Sending invitations or greeting cards? Life just got easier.

Researching a story and need that big lead? I smell a Pulitzer.

Writing a paper and want that authoritative quote? Welcome to the Dean's List.

Organizing a reunion back in the old neighborhood? My how you've grown.

New neighbors moved next door? Find some common ground.

Relying on good old Craigslist? It need not be such a mystery.

Looking to connect with someone on Facebook? Try a social search.

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  • Address History
  • Criminal Check
  • Felonies
  • Age & DOB
  • Property Value
  • Misdemeanors
  • Phone Number
  • Relatives
  • Businesses
  • Exclusive Sources
  • Current Address
  • Neighbors
  • Licenses
  • Sexual Offenses