Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • How do I post a free ad?

  • If you would like to post a free ad, you will have to do the following:
    1. Log into (If you are not a member, sign up for free.)
    2. Click 'Classifieds' from the top navigation menu
    3. Click the 'Post a Classified' button on the left OR select the 'Post a Classified' option from the main menu
    4. Enter ad information
    5. Click 'Submit'

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  • What varieties of ads can I post?

  • There are three different ways to post an ad on the Sales Spider website.

    Classified ads

    • Free to post
    • List product and services
    • 30+ Categories
    • Over 100,000 visitors a month
    • To Post a Classified Ad, click here

    Sales Leads

    • Free to post
    • Government Bids and Tenders
    • Over $10 Billion Available
    • To Post a Sales Lead, click here

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  • How do people contact me in response to my ad?

  • In every ad that is posted there is an icon to message the Classified and Lead owner.
    When a message is sent to you, an icon will flash beside the "Mail" link letting you know you have a new message.
    If you are not logged into the system when a message is sent to you, depending on your "Mail Options" an e-mail will be sent to you letting you know you have a new message. Edit your mail options here.

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  • What are the Industry, Category and Region selection options when posting an ad?

  • Classified Ads

    When posting a classified ad you can select only one category.

    You can select the city to display the ad in. To increase to a larger region, you have to upgrade to a Premium classified posting and choose the appropriate add-on region.

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  • What are Premium Classified Ads?

  • Premium Classified ads are a premium service offered by SaleSpider to increase your classified ad exposure for a period of 7 days / $25 or 21 days / $39. Each classified ad will be:

    1. Displayed at the top position for your category
    2. Seen by thousands of business people daily
    3. You can post your classified ad to multiple cities — providing even MORE exposure
    4. And as always you can change or modify your ad at any time your want!

    To do this simply post a new classified ad or please follow the instructions below:

    1. Log into
    2. Click 'Classifieds'
    3. Click 'My Classifieds'
    4. Click 'Make Premium'

    NOTE: This is a very popular service. Ads are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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  • How do I select multiple regions for my Premium Classified Ad?

  • When you are upgrading to a Premium Classified ad, you can choose to expand your location to multiple cities within your region.

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