Trenton, New Jersey, United States Information And Events

Trenton New Jersey, United States Information And Events
Location: New Jersey, United States
Official Website:
Coordinates: 40.2237° N, 74.764° W

Trenton Fun Facts

There were 32,884 addresses in Trenton in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of tourist attractions in Trenton:

  • Old Barracks Museum
  • William Trent House

Trenton is served by two daily newspapers: The Times and The Trentonian, as well as a monthly advertising magazine: "The City" Trenton N.E.W.S.

The city of Trenton is home to numerous neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods.

The first settlement which would become Trenton was established by Quakers in 1679, in the region then called the Falls of the Delaware, led by Mahlon Stacy from Handsworth, Sheffield, UK.

Sample list of people who were the mayor of Trenton:

  • George Muschal ( Current Acting Mayor, from 26 Feb 2014 )

The trenton was actually located in adjacent Hamilton Township.

After the war, Trenton was briefly the national capital of the United States in November and December 1784.

Trenton became New Jersey's capital as of November 25, 1790, and the City of Trenton was formed within Trenton Township on November 13, 1792.

Population of Trenton was 84,899 in the year 2011.

Trenton is located in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States of America.

Trenton's geo-coordinates are 40.2237° N, 74.764° W.

There were about 957 foreclosures in Trenton in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Trenton:

  • Nona Hendryx ( Singer, Musician, Record producer, Songwriter, Author, Actor, Film Score and Composer )
  • Sarah Dash ( Singer, Musician, Songwriter and Actor )
  • Elizabeth Banks ( Writer and Journalist )
  • Ernie Kovacs ( Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Television Director, Television producer, Author and Composer )
  • Roxanne Hart ( Actor )
  • Neil Hopkins ( Screenwriter, Producer and Actor )
  • Robert C. Smith ( Politician )
  • Dennis Rodman ( Wrestler, Actor, Basketball player, Athlete, Basketball Coach and Entertainer )
  • Tom Guiry ( Actor )
  • Leo Rossi ( Actor, Screenwriter and Film Producer )
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson ( Actor and Voice Actor )
  • Kelly Jo Minter ( Actor and Designer )
  • Allan B. Walsh ( Politician )
  • David Dinkins ( Politician and Teacher )
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. ( Writer )
  • Edward Bloor ( Writer, Novelist and Book editor )
  • Judith Light ( Actor )
  • Jean Acker ( Actor )
  • Richard Kind ( Actor and Voice Actor )
  • Ntozake Shange ( Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Poet and Screenwriter )
  • Frank Thompson ( Lawyer and Politician )
  • Adrienne Moreau ( Nude Glamour Model )
  • William D'Elia
  • Samuel Alito ( Judge and Lawyer )
  • Irv Smith ( American football player )
  • Vance Johnson ( American football player )
  • Patrick Kerney ( American football player )
  • Elvin Bethea ( American football player )
  • Gary Stills ( American football player )
  • Troy Vincent ( American football player )
  • Antonin Scalia ( Lawyer and Judge )
  • Diana Vincent
  • Richard R. Hough ( Scientist, Engineer and Electrical engineer )
  • George Washington Doane
  • Charles R. Howell
  • Charlie Weis ( Coach and American Football coach )
  • J. J. Dillon ( Wrestler )
  • Joseph Reed ( Lawyer, Judge and Statesman )
  • Dahntay Jones ( Basketball player )
  • Joe Auer ( American football player )
  • Bobby Sanguinetti ( Ice hockey player )
  • Fred Zabitosky
  • Glenn Myernick ( Coach )
  • Christopher Klim ( Journalist, Novelist and Author )
  • Dan Donigan ( Coach )
  • Peter Pietras
  • Keith Armstrong
  • William J. Johnston
  • N. Gregory Mankiw ( Economist )
  • Roy Hinson ( Basketball player )

Trenton is in the Eastern Time Zone.

North Trenton is also home to the historic Shiloh Baptist Church—one of the largest houses of worship in Trenton and the oldest African American church in the city, founded in 1888.

Trenton is home to Al-Bayaan Academy, which opened for preschool students in September 2001 and added grades in subsequent years.

Sample list of famous events happened in Trenton:

  • George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River
  • Battle of Trenton
  • Hard Justice 2008

In the 2006 survey, Trenton was ranked as the 14th most dangerous "city" overall out of 371 cities included nationwide in the 13th annual Morgan Quitno survey, and was again named as the fourth most dangerous "city" of 126 cities in the 75,000–99,999 population range.

There were 29,370 households in Trenton in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Trenton's official website is

The city of Trenton is protected on a full-time basis by the city of Trenton Fire and Emergency Services Department (TFD), which has been a paid department since 1892 after having been originally established in 1747 as a volunteer fire department.

The unemployment rate of Trenton was 11.84% in the year 2008.

Trenton is about 21.12 square kilometers with a population of 84,899 in the year 2011.

There were about 9,739 mortgages in Trenton in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As of March 23, 2011, there were a total of 37,407 registered voters in Trenton, of which 16,819 (45.0%) were registered as Democrats, 1,328 (3.6%) were registered as Republicans and 19,248 (51.5%) were registered as Unaffiliated.

List of airports near Trenton:

  • Trenton–Mercer Airport

Sample list of newspapers published in Trenton:

  • Times of Trenton
  • The Trentonian
  • Newark Evening News

Trenton is located at 40°13′25″N 74°45′50″W / 40.223748°N 74.764001°W / 40.223748; -74.764001 (40.223748,-74.764001).

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