Santa Barbara, California, United States Information And Events

Santa Barbara California, United States Information And Events
Location: California, United States
Official Website:
Coordinates: 34.4258° N, 119.7142° W

Santa Barbara Fun Facts

Santa Barbara is located about 90 miles (145 km) WNW of Los Angeles, along the Pacific coast.

Santa Barbara's geo-coordinates are 34.4258° N, 119.7142° W.

Santa Barbara is in the Pacific Time Zone.

There were 35,720 households in Santa Barbara in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of films shot in Santa Barbara:

  • Bedazzled ( starring Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards, Elizabeth Hurley as Devil, Frances O'Connor as Alison Gardner )

There were about 261 foreclosures in Santa Barbara in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of people who were the mayor of Santa Barbara:

  • Helene Schneider ( Current Mayor, from 12 Jan 2010 )

The santa barbara is also recognized for its innovative education program that serves local and surrounding communities through extensive on-site programming and curriculum resources.

Santa Barbara's official website is

Population of Santa Barbara was 89,045 in the year 2011.

The dominant architectural themes of Santa Barbara are the Spanish Colonial Revival and the related Mission Revival style, encouraged through design guidelines adopted by city leaders after the 1925 earthquake destroyed much of the downtown commercial district.

Sample list of famous events happened in Santa Barbara:

  • Baltimore Hotel attack
  • OUTrageous Santa Barbara LGBTQ Film Festival

There were 36,073 addresses in Santa Barbara in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The high official figures for water is due to the extension of the city limit into the ocean, including a strip of city reaching out into the sea and inland again to keep the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) within the city boundary.

Santa Barbara is about 108.70 square kilometers with a population of 89,045 in the year 2011.

Sample list of tourist attractions in Santa Barbara:

  • Lotusland
  • Lobero Theatre
  • Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara
  • Rancho del Cielo
  • Ty Warner Sea Center
  • Santa Barbara Zoo
  • Santa Barbara County Courthouse
  • Mission Santa Barbara
  • Elings Park
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The santa barbara is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 1980s soap opera Santa Barbara is set within its namesake city.

List of airports near Santa Barbara:

  • Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
  • Marine Corps Air Station Santa Barbara

The racial makeup of Santa Barbara was 66,411 (75.1%) White, 1,420 (1.6%) African American, 892 (1.0%) Native American, 3,062 (3.5%) Asian (1.0% Chinese, 0.6% Filipino, 0.5% Japanese, 0.4% Korean, 0.4% Indian, 0.2% Vietnamese, 0.4% other), 116 (0.1%) Pacific Islander, 13,032 (14.7%) from other races, and 3,477 (3.9%) from two or more races.

Sample list of newspapers published in Santa Barbara:

  • Daily Nexus

For over 40 years, the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show has been held on Cabrillo Blvd., east of Stearns Wharf and along the beach, attracting thousands of people to see artwork made by artists and crafts people that live in Santa Barbara county.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Santa Barbara:

  • Kim Miyori ( Actor )
  • Quinn Buniel ( Actor )
  • Katy Perry ( Actor, Musician, Philanthropist, Singer-songwriter, Voice Actor, Businessperson and Music artist )
  • Brad Hall ( Screenwriter, Writer, Actor, Film Producer, Television producer, Film Director and Voice Actor )
  • Cameron Douglas ( Actor )
  • Aaron Musicant ( Actor )
  • Bessie Eyton ( Actor )
  • Blanche Payson ( Actor )
  • Judson Pearce Morgan ( Actor, Film Director, Film Producer, Film Editor, Television producer, Screenwriter and Cinematographer )
  • Glen Phillips ( Singer and Singer-songwriter )
  • Juan José Carrillo ( Politician and Judge )
  • Timothy Bottoms ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Andrew Firestone ( Businessperson and TV Personality )
  • Marianna Hill ( Actor )
  • Sam Bottoms ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Cole Hauser ( Actor, Film Producer and Voice Actor )
  • Cady Huffman ( Actor and Singer )
  • Taylor Atelian ( Actor )
  • Kathleen Wilhoite ( Actor, Musician, Singer-songwriter and Voice Actor )
  • Victor French ( Actor, Television Director and Stunt Performer )
  • Victoria Paige Meyerink ( Actor and Film Producer )
  • Christopher Bernau ( Actor )
  • Norris Bradbury ( Physicist )
  • Romualdo Pacheco ( Politician and Judge )
  • Alex D. Linz ( Actor and Voice Actor )
  • Anthony Edwards ( Actor, Film Producer and Television Director )
  • Taylor Handley ( Actor )
  • Victoria Fuller ( Nude Glamour Model, Artist and Actor )
  • Edie Sedgwick ( Socialite, Model, Actor and Artist )
  • Claire Rambeau ( Nude Glamour Model )
  • Priscilla Wright ( Nude Glamour and Model )
  • J.D. Falk
  • Taylor Hackford ( Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Television producer and Television Director )
  • Sam Cunningham ( American football player )
  • Randall Cunningham ( American football player )
  • Jan Barrett
  • Max Rible Kaehn ( Programmer )
  • Michael Redmond ( Go Player )
  • John Cowden
  • Chip Foose ( Designer )
  • Susie Curry
  • Vic Bartolome
  • James Arnold Taylor ( Voice Actor )
  • Red Barrett ( Baseball player )
  • Jay dee Daugherty ( Songwriter and Drummer )
  • Tyler Fredrickson ( American football player )
  • Chris Mandeville ( American football player )
  • Reggie Rust ( American football player )
  • Issan Dorsey
  • Todd Rogers ( Athlete and Beach Volleyball Player )

The only non-commercial radio station based in Santa Barbara is KCSB-FM (91.9 FM) owned the University of California, Santa Barbara which uses it as part of its educational mission.

There were about 7,996 mortgages in Santa Barbara in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The unemployment rate of Santa Barbara was 3.6% in the year 2008.

Santa Barbara is located in California, United States of America.

Mission Santa Barbara was dedicated December 4, 1786, the feast day of Saint Barbara.

List of sports teams from Santa Barbara:

  • Condors ( Ultimate )
  • UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men's basketball ( Basketball )

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