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Step #1: A Mental Trick To Rhyme Naturally For As Long As You Want

Funny thing...

The secret to coming up with a limitless amount of rhymes is actually doing the opposite.

By focusing on flowing first instead of rhyming...

Rhyming becomes a lot more natural.

Because without a good flow nobody wants to hear your freestyles

You can think of freestyling like building a house

The beat is the foundation

The housing structure is the flow

And the rhymes are the furniture inside

So by focusing on freestyling for a minute without rhyming...

You are strengthening your flow so your rhymes have a solid place to go

It?s also a great mental switch up because instead of being scared of running out of rhymes you start to crave rhyming

And after a minute of not rhyming it produces a ?slingshot effect? where rhyming feels natural

Also, you learn you don?t have to rhyme every line to freestyle which further takes away the fear of messing up?

And it makes your raps less predictable.
Step #2: How To Never Get Stuck Freestyling

Getting stuck while freestyling can be super embarrassing

Most people quit after running out of things to say when trying for the first time

Here?s how to never run out of things to say.

Remember starting out is about building your flow muscle first so rhyming will be easier for you...

Your flow muscle is basically just making noises over a beat for a minute.

It doesn?t even have to make sense

It's important to force yourself to keep going over a beat for 1 minute even if you mess up or stumble.

And even if you have to make up words.

Just keep going.

This will build your flow muscle and you might start surprising yourself with what comes out of your mouth.

So starting out don't judge what you're saying...

Just allow whatever wants to come out to come out.

If you don't know what to rap about...

Rap about not knowing what to rap about.

If you're afraid you'll mess up...

Rap about being afraid you're going to mess up.

The point is...

Use every thought you have, no matter how random it is... In your freestyle.

After you can go for a minute without rhyming...

Then that's when you can start allowing yourself to throw rhymes in there...

And it will be WAY easier.

Make sure to practice out loud alone.

Just being vocal over a beat is a huge breakthrough for most people who are afraid to try.

You can start by counting to 4 over a beat while bobbing your head.

To always have something to say...

Focus on 3 things:

1. Describe what you see: what does it look like?

Ex: "The chair is red."

2. Say how you feel about what you see.

Ex: "I hate that red chair"

3. Use your imagination about what you see.

Ex: "I'm going to fly that red chair to Jupiter and meet an alien giraffe"

When you use your imagination you have limitless random places your freestyles can go.

Another way to always have something to say is simply...

Change subjects when you find yourself repeating words.

You can make a list of 20 different subjects...

Put on a beat and go down the list without worrying about rhyming or messing up.

You're just building your flow muscle when starting.

Soon you'll be able to come up with your own lyrics spontaneously over any beat for as long as you want.
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November 27, 2018
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New York, New York

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How To Rap, Freestyle, And Make Your Own Songs