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United Global Soft provides C Language Online & Classroom Training course by excellent experienced IT professionals. Our trainer has good training experience so that best quality output will be delivered. All our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given. we provide classes through C Language online by using world class interactive system. We also give interview support & Technical support. We market your profile in USA, UK SINGAPORE, INDIA, and SOUTH AFRICA. We trouble shoot your problems both theoretically & practically during the Online & Classroom Training ,even after the course completion. After completion of your C Language training we will help you to clear your interviews. We will give you 100% Satisfaction and We provide best quality real time online & Classroom training.

Class Room Training: Available
Online Training : Available
Corporate Training : Available
Overview of C

History of C
Importance of C
Discuss Algorithm
Demonstrate the Use of Flowchart
Basic Structure of C Program
Sample Programs: Printing a Message, Adding Two Numbers, etc
Executing a C Program
Case Studies
2. Constants, Variables and Data Types
Character Set
C Tokens
Keywords and Identifiers
Data Types
Declaration of Variables
Assigning Values to Variables
3. Operators and Expressions
Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Increment and Decrement Operators
Conditional Operator
Bitwise Operators
Evaluation of Operators
Precedence of Arithmetic Operators
Case Studies
4. Managing Input and Output Operators
Reading a Character
Writing a Character
Formatted Input
Formatted Output
5. Decision Making and Branching
Decision Making with IF Statement
Nesting of IF..ElSE Statements
The Switch Statement
The ?: Operator
The Goto Statement
Case Studies
6. Decision Making and Looping
The While Statement
The do Statement
The For Statement with example
Jumps in Loops with example
Case Studies
7. Arrays
One-Dimensional Arrays
Two Dimensional Arrays
Initializing Two Dimensional Arrays
Multi Dimensional Arrays
Dynamic Arrays
Case Studies
8. Character Arrays and Strings
Declaring and Initializing String Variables
Reading Strings from Terminal
Writing Strings to Screen
Arithmetic Operators on Characters
Putting Strings together
Comparison of Strings
String Handling Functions
Case Studies
9. User-defined Functions
Definition of Functions
Need of User-defined Functions
A Multi-function program
Elements of User-defined Functions
Return Values and their types
Function calls
Function Declaration
Category of Functions
Nesting of Functions
Passing Arrays to Functions
Passing Strings to Functions
The Scope, Visibility and Lifetime of Variables
Case Studies
10. Structures and Unions
Defining and Declaring a Structure
Accessing structure members
Operations on Individual Members
Arrays of Structures
Arrays within the Structures
Structures within Structures
Structures and Functions
Case Studies
11. Pointers
Understanding Pointers
Accessing the Address of a Variable
Declaring Pointer Variable
Initializing of Pointer Variables
Accessing a Variable through its pointer
Chain of Pointers
Pointer Expression
Pointer Increments
Pointer and Arrays
Pointer and Character Arrays
Array of Pointer
Pointer as Function Arguments
Function Returning Pointer
Pointers to Functions
Pointers and Structures
Case Studies
12. File Management in C
Defining and Opening a File
Closing a File
Input/output Operations on Files
Random Access to Files
Command Lines Arguments
Case Studies
13. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Allocating a Block of Memory : Malloc
Allocating Multiple Blocks of Memory : Calloc
Releasing the Used Space: Free
Altering the size of a Block: Realloc
Case Studies
14. Linked Lists
Concepts of Linked Lists
Advantages of Linked Lists
Types of Linked Lists
Creating a Linked List
Inserting an Item
Deleting an Item
Applications of Linked Lists
Case Studies
15. The Preprocessor
Macro Substitution
File Inclusion
Case Studies
August 29, 2018
Information Technology
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