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Panama Amazon Baby

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Willing to ship for extra $125.00 Not sure if male or Female. Hatch Date 3/23/2013 Is leg banded..Very sweet bird and is handled daily!!! Eating Zupreem fruity blend, some fruits and veggies.. scrambled eggs... some nut mix. Chatters a lot and should be a wonderful talker. This type of bird is kind of hard to find.. Not DNA Tested but think might be male. If you want a Male/Female and want to know before purchase you must send the fee and will get it done. If you want a male and turns out to be female and you do not want to continue with purchase your fee will be refunded. $20 for DNA fee. If you want a male and turns out to be male and you decide you don't want to continue with purchase.. fee will NOT be refunded and vise versa if you want a female. . Please if not serious please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours! Also willing to possibly do a little travel to meet if needed.. I also have a couple of cages available for sale. One is $125 and the other $150. Willing to ship Bird only for $100 extra.

July 28, 2013
Birds for Sale
Indianapolis, Indiana
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