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105 MOR Pocket, Kalka ji Extension
New Delhi, India 110019

(91) 114 707-4707

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About Clairvolex

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Clairvolex Is A Trusted Global IP Solutions Provider Which Caters To A Rapidly Globalizing IP Space By Providing Innovative, Process Driven Delivery Systems. We Are A Performance Oriented Enterprise With A Competitive Blend Of Domain Knowledge And Vast Experience. Clairvolex Is An Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions Company, Co-founded By An Eminent Law Firm And An Established Business House. The Co-founders Bring Into Clairvolex, An Amalgamation Of Soundness In Intellectual Property And Legal Matters, Along With A Sharp Business Acumen, That Reflects In Clairvolex's Standing As One Of The Top Players In The Industry. Clairvolex Has A State Of The Art Infrastructure And A Specialized Team Of Engineers, Scientists, Attorneys And Paralegals, Trained To Deliver High Quality Customized Solutions. With Numerous Live Solution Based Processes For Corporate Bodies And Law Firms, Along With The First Comprehensive Indian IP Information Database Called ‘CIPIS’, We Continue To Innovate And Deliver Custom Built IP Services To Our Clients Worldwide.


Patent Services, Indian IP Information & Products, IP Support Services

Clairvolex is a company categorized under Legal Services.

105 MOR Pocket, Kalka ji Extension New Delhi, India, 110019
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  3. Patent & Trademark Illustrators in New Delhi, India
Clairvolex, Clairvolex.com/

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Q & A

What is the address and contact information of Clairvolex?

Clairvolex is located at 105 MOR Pocket, Kalka ji Extension New Delhi, India, 110019 and can be contacted by phone at (91) 114 707-4707 and website at http://clairvolex.com/.

Who is the owner of Clairvolex?

The person who created the business is vivek mandal.

What type of business is Clairvolex?

Clairvolex is a business categorized under Patent & Trademark Illustrators.

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Name: Clairvolex
Located at: 105 MOR Pocket, Kalka ji Extension, New Delhi, India
Phone: +91 11 4707 4707

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