Canada » Office Phone System: Designed to Help You Grow

Office Phone System: Designed to Help You Grow

Office Phone System: Designed to Help You Grow

An office phone system—every business needs one to stay in touch. But an office phone system that runs on your Internet Protocol (IP) network can give your small business much more than phone connectivity.

Here are a few of the benefits that an advanced, IP-based office phone system can provide your small business:

* A 'converged' network combines voice, data, and other applications such as video conferencing on a single IP network. You'll have only one network to manage instead of separate networks for your office phone system and your data.

* An office phone system on a converged network enables your employees to collaborate more easily and meaningfully. They can even access company data, such as customer information, from their phones.

* Employees can stay productive from any location, because your office phone system travels with them.

* When your office phone system is integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can serve customers better. For example, with caller ID linked to the CRM, employees can instantly view information about customers when they call.

* An advanced office phone system can be designed specifically for a small business's needs and budget.

Cisco Unified Communications gives business like yours all the tools it needs for a productive, flexible, high-quality office phone system. With these advanced technologies, your company has the same communication tools that your larger competitors have. Continue Reading ...

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Office Phone System: Designed to Help You Grow

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