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Managing Your Taxes

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Managing Your Taxes

As a business owner you'll need to manage your tax obligations throughout the year. This includes keeping records, setting up accounting procedures, and making regular income tax payments. The resources below explain tax obligations that all business owners should work into their regular operations.

  • Operating a Business
    Learn about operating a business with employees, business deductions and tax credits, filing and paying taxes, recordkeeping, and choosing an accounting method. Additional resources also include the Small Business Online Tax Calendar, Tax Topics for Businesses, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Accounting Periods and Methods
    Each taxpayer (business or individual) must figure taxable income on an annual accounting period called a tax year. Each taxpayer must also use a consistent accounting method, which is a set of rules for determining when to report income and expenses. Are you using the correct accounting method?
  • Tax Recordkeeping Guide for Businesses
    Unless you are a professional bookkeeper, you probably don't like to spend valuable business time keeping records. But keeping good records can actually help you save money.
  • Small Business Expenses and Tax Deductions
    Explains IRS rules for making deductions on business income taxes.

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Managing Your Taxes