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Significant Guidance Documents

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Significant Guidance Documents

In accordance with Executive Order (EO) 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review, as amended by EO 13422 (January 18, 2007), and the Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices, adopted by the Office of Management and Budget, SBA is maintaining this Web page to provide the public with a list of any documents that are determined to be "significant guidance documents" subject to the EO and Bulletin.

The OMB Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices establishes policies and procedures for the development, issuance, and use of significant guidance documents by Executive Branch departments. Specifically, the Bulletin defines "significant guidance document;" establishes standard elements for significant guidance documents; describes practices for developing and using significant guidance documents by agencies; as well as requirements for agencies to enable the public to comment on significant guidance documents or request that they be created, reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

Significant Guidance documents currently in effect subject to EO12866 and OMB�s Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices:

Guidance Document Name

Identification Number

Issuance and Revision Dates

Health Care Savings Account NA 09/10/08
SBA Express Loans May be Used for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Purposes [] Control # 5000-1054 04/14/08
Small Business Development Company Energy Efficiency Program Announcement [] OSBDC - 2008-06 NA

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Significant Guidance Documents