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Market Analysis

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Your Customers:

Who are they? Age, sex, income?

Where do they live, play, shop?

How often do they buy? seasonal?

Cash, credit or debit card?

Can you afford to carry accounts receivable?

How big in dollar terms is your market potential?

Your Products:

Are they unique, eye appealing?

Better designed, higher quality?

What sizes, any special packaging?

Is there a need for your products?

Must you offer a guarantee?

What will be your return policy?

Must you stock parts for service?


How much of each will you buy? From whom?

Are you getting the best deal?

Is volume discount eaten up by slow turnover?

Can you return unsold merchandise?

Have you a stock control plan to avoid overstocks, understocks and out of stocks?

Have you established a line of credit with each supplier?

How must you pay? C.O.D.? 30 days? 60 days?

Your Competition:

How big, how old, how strong?

What percentage of the market do they have?

How far away?

What advantages do you have?

What advantages do they have?


Do you know what to charge to cover costs?

Are your prices competitive?

How important is low price?

Is service more important?

Must you give cash or volume discounts?

What will discounts do to your markup?

Must you include delivery cost in your price?


How much is normal for your products?

What media? How often? Seasonal?

Do you have a logo or trademark? Is it registered?

Is any free publicity available?

Will you need an advertising agency?

What is your product image?

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Market Analysis