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The Ultimate Guide to SFA: 100-Plus Links and Resources

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The Ultimate Guide to SFA: 100-Plus Links and Resources

If your company wants to do well in sales, it's important to have a system that helps it keep up with the pace of today's marketplace. SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a great way to do so, and it offers numerous options for eliminating or streamlining tasks that would otherwise distract your salespeople from doing what they do best: selling. Check out these resources to see how you can put this sort of system to work for you.


If you're interested in automating your sales force but don't quite know how to go about it, educate yourself by checking out these links.

  1. How to Drive Adoption of Your SFA Solution: Get your employees to embrace SFA with these tips.
  2. Developing an Effective Sales Process for the Enterprise: Use this tutorial to learn how to create sales processes that work.
  3. Sales Force Management System: This reference from Wikipedia offers an in-depth look at SFA.
  4. Keeping Pace with the Sales Force Evolution: Learn how to stay on top with this article.
  5. Best Practices for Salesforce for Google AdWords: This guide will walk you through using Google AdWords and how you can track your success using Salesforce.com.
  6. CRM On Demand Best Practice: Delivering Actionalble Insight Into Sales: Learn how to use automation for increased information and insight.
  7. Automating Lead Qualification and Follow Up: With this article, you'll learn how to identify customers that are ready to be converted into sales.
  8. User Adoption of Sales Force Automation: 6 Principles for Success: Use these methods to get your salespeople to adopt SFA.
  9. Automated Sales Order Processing for Order-to-Cash Performance with SAP Solutions: Learn the details and advantages of automating sales orders with SAP solutions.
  10. Building a Customer Listening System Using Web 2.0: Find out how to use Web 2.0 tools to manage customers.
  11. How to Sell Sales Force Automation Inside Your Company: This article will teach you how to get the higher-ups in your company on board with SFA.
  12. Replicate Sales Success: Clone Your Star Salespeople: Learn how to turn all of your sales force into stars with this guide.
  13. Managing Customers: Learn how to manage your customers through marketing and more with this tutorial.
  14. Collecting Cash Faster with Real-Time Document Delivery from Your SAP Application: Find out how to use real-time document delivery to receive payment faster.
  15. Maximizing User Adoption of Your Sales Force Automation Solution: Learn about best practices for adoption among your sales force.


This list of SFA tools and solutions represents just a fraction of what your team can have at its disposal.

  1. NetSuite CRM+: Manage your customers and sales team with this solution.
  2. Nsite Quote and Proposal Management: Automate the proposal process with this software.
  3. Salesforce.com: Salesforce.com offers solutions for SFA, relationship management and customer service.
  4. Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand: Oracle Corp.'s subscription-based service covers sales, service, marketing and contact operations.
  5. Sales Cycle Manager: This tool provides win/loss ratios, prioritization and forecasting.
  6. Maximizer CRM: Maximizer CRM's SFA functions make it easy to access customer information and increase productivity.
  7. HarvestGold Personal Sales Goals: Keep track of income objectives and productivity goals with this tool.
  8. Restaurant Guide: This tool from Salesforce Labs uses Yelp to find local restaurants for client meetings.
  9. SugarCRM: SugarCRM is an adaptable, open-source application that can be easily customized.
  10. ShadeTree MATRIX: This solution is customized to your team, and it offers a way to identify conversion opportunities.
  11. Absolute Automation: Using this service, you can automatically log emails in popular email clients.
  12. Ready, Set, Sell!: Teach your new recruits to sell with your SFA system using this tool.
  13. ActiveOutlook: This plugin for Outlook searches Salesforce.com to retrieve contact and opportunity information for the person who emailed you.
  14. smartSales: With smartSales' mobile solution, your company's sales force can complete sales tasks anywhere from their wireless phones.
  15. Entellium eSalesForce: This solution will distribute leads, generate reports and much more.
  16. Manticore Technology: Score leads, build prospects and integrate with Salesforce.com using Manticore Technology Inc.'s solution
  17. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: This solution from Microsoft has an Outlook feel to it and integrates with other Microsoft products like SharePoint Server.
  18. Advanced Call Scripting: Guide your salespeople through interactions with this application.
  19. SAP: Look to SAP for an all-in-one solution that covers SFA and broader CRM needs.
  20. PeopleImport: With this tool, you'll be able to import massive lists without duplicates.
  21. DealSheets.com: This slick automation tool creates documents, calculations and more based on inputs from your sales force.
  22. RightNow Sales: Use this tool to streamline leads and increase productivity.
  23. SAS Customer Intelligence: Get interaction management, marketing automation and more with SAS Customer Intelligence.
  24. CardScan: Automate business-card data entry with this tool.
  25. Outrigger: With this campaign-management tool, you can keep an eye on company activity and monitor your campaigns.
  26. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator: Keep an eye on opportunities in the pipeline and promote team selling using Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator.
  27. FormCheck: Get rid of spam and fake entries with this tool.
  28. Articque GeoAnalyser for Sales: Use this application for automated mapping of your sales activity.
  29. EchoSign: With this application, you can automate contract signatures to accelerate sales.
  30. Infopia: Make relationships with your online customers using this solution for e-commerce.
  31. FormFactory: Use FormFactory to generate quotes, orders and proposals fast.
  32. Centive Compel: Streamline sales-compensation calculations and metrics with this tool.
  33. FrontRange Solutions GoldMine: Use this software to streamline sales, increase productivity and win customers.
  34. Sage SalesLogix: With Sage SalesLogix, you can increase productivity and maximize selling.
  35. Synergistix CATS Software Suite: Use this solution to help your sales force focus on planning and detailing.
  36. Lead Look-Alike Finder: Weed out the duplicates in your system with this tool.
  37. Vtrenz ROI Insight: Find out the ROI (return on investment) of lead-generation activity, track your campaigns and more with this tool.
  38. CRM Surveyor: Use CRM Surveyor to automate customer surveys and get feedback on lost sales, issues and ratings.
  39. Makana Motivator: Design your plan to create incentive plans, quotas, territories and earnings by salesperson.
  40. Boulder Logic Reference Manager: Automate the identification of customers who are willing to give your company a good reference with this tool.


Hear opinions on SFA, get advice and read white papers.

  1. SFA: Cost Considerations: Make your SFA solution work with your budget using this white paper's advice.
  2. Sales Effectiveness Through Knowledge: See how knowledge can help you take your sales to the next level.
  3. Turning Sales Into Science: See how the sales 2.0 era is being ushered in.
  4. Sales Force Automation FAQ: Learn the basics of SFA in this article.
  5. The Brave New Mashed-Up World of Online Sales: See how software is mimicking real-life sales tactics.
  6. Entellium Inc. White Papers: Register to access these free white papers, and you'll learn more about SFA and CRM in general.
  7. 10 Reasons to Love CRM Marketing Automation: This article will tell you why you should be using SFA and may even introduce a few applications you weren't aware of.
  8. Transforming Sales From Art to Science: Sign 'Em Up: Take the scientific route for SFA.
  9. Top 10 SFA Software Systems: Check out some of the best SFA vendors and consider their strenghts and weaknesses with this report.
  10. Intelligence Sells: Read this article to learn why you should supplement SFA with sales intelligence.
  11. Sales 2.0, Customers 1.0, Vendors on Deck: See how the sales force is changing with technology.
  12. Inside CRM's SFA Buyer's Guide: Learn about what features fit your business's needs and consider the costs and benefits that come with a SFA solution.
  13. CRM Evaluation Guide: 100+ Questions Consultants Get Paid to Ask: Make a good decision by asking your SFA provider these all-important questions.
  14. Manticore Technology's White Papers: Manticore Technology offers advice on increasing revenues, empowering your sales force and taking the next step online.
  15. Mobile CRM: Six Experts Dial In: See what experts are saying about taking SFA mobile.
  16. Document Process Automation for Customer Orders: This article will help you consider the documentation segment of SFA.
  17. The Paper Shuffle: What Is It Really Costing You?: Find out how much money your company is losing by not automating sales.
  18. An SFA Primer: This article will detail some of the benefits of SFA and discuss common questions.
  19. Developing a Smarter Sales Organization: See how you can streamline sales with SFA.

Case Studies

Take a look at what other companies have done with SFA to consider how the technology can make a difference in your own organization.

  1. Endeca Extends Salesforce Throughout Enterprise for Accurate Reports, Forecasts and Company Tracking: Find out how this company transitioned from its outgrown contact-management software to a thriving sales-force-management solution.
  2. Portal to the Future: Postini Increases Productivity Tenfold Without Increasing Staffing Levels: With an SFA system, Postini got better productivity and faster response times.
  3. Case Study: Sales Force Automation with PocketPC: See how this company found an efficient way to collect sales information from its distributors.
  4. Beyond Contact Management: Learn about how this carpet maker uses mobile software to process orders.
  5. Sales Force Automation Technology Lifecycle Refresh: See how Diebold Inc. used SFA to upgrade more than 700 users quickly.
  6. Web-Based Sales Force Automation Enhances Strategic Customer Relationship and Sales Performance: Learn how this pharmaceutical company built a flexible, scalable, Web-based SFA system.
  7. The Smoothest Systems Implementation in Company History: This company made a smooth transition from one SFA system to the next: find out how it did so.
  8. Procuri Gains a Competitive Edge with Salesforce and the AppExchange: With Salesforce.com, Procuri Inc. now has a high adoption rate, accuracy and visibility.
  9. Synergistix Helps Steifel Laboratories Attain Greater Sample Accountability: Steifel Laboratories Inc. was able to stay on top of its drug samples using an SFA solution.
  10. SurfControl Secures Sales Growth and Service Leadership with Salesforce: SurfControl enjoys increased quality and productivity with its SFA solution.
  11. Motorola Implements Easy-to-Manage, Cost-Friendly Solution for Customers and Employees: Motorola was able to reduce application deployment time and improve SFA with a new system.
  12. BlackBerry and mWholesaler Make Financial Sales Team More Competitive: This solution made on-the-spot data access possible for wholesalers of Essex Corp.
  13. Wireless Sales Force Automation Case Study: This case study focuses on a mobile solution for account information.
  14. Enabling the Mobile Enterprise for Field Force and Sales Force Automation: See how going mobile can help automate your business's sales force.
  15. HiT Software Installs Soffront CRM to Improve Customer Support and Sales Automation: Find out how this software company found the SFA solution that would work for its needs.
  16. Salesforce Drives Enterprise Success at Symantec: In just three-and-a-half months, Symantec Corp. and Veritas merged and replaced their complex SFA systems with one that was much easier.
  17. BusinessEdge Solutions Case Study: A Major Pharmaceutical Company: A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company was able to improve upon its outdated SFA system.
  18. Unisys Inrastructure Services: Unisys used SFA to make communication, processes and workflows easier for everyone.
  19. Telnet Solutions Increases Sales Productivity by Using Salesforce SFA: This telecom company was able to handle a massive increase in customers with an SFA solution.
  20. Maporama International Identifies New Revenue Opportunities After Implementing Salesforce in 15 Days: Fast implementation, increased revenue and improved customer service are all part of this company's success story.
  21. BlackBerry Increases Customer Service for Corporate Real Estate Company: See how a real-estate company used BlackBerry devices as an SFA tool.
  22. Altium Creates and Deploys Six Critical Business Applications in Just Four Weeks with Salesforce Unlimited Edition and the Force.com Platform: Altium Ltd. used Salesforce.com to create a fast, scalable, competitive system for SFA.
  23. Magma Design Automation Implements Comprehensive CRM from Salesforce.com for 600 Users: Magma Design Automation Inc. found a cost-effective solution to SFA.


These publications will give you an in-depth look at implementing SFA and reaping its benefits.

  1. "Sales Automation Done Right": Explore every aspect of SFA and learn how to improve its effectiveness with this book.
  2. "Perormance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business": This book will teach you how to use dashboard technology for automation and optimization.
  3. "The Complete Guide to Accelerating Sales Force Performance: How to Get More Sales from Your Sales Force": Learn how to evaluate and improve the framework of your sales force using this text's insights.
  4. "Salesforce.com For Dummies": This guidebook will teach you how to get the most out of Salesforce.com's service.

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The Ultimate Guide to SFA: 100-Plus Links and Resources