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Creating and Capturing Value Across Cultural Boundaries

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As a senior executive, you are likely finding that an increasingly important part of your job involves developing and managing valuable relationships with other executives in your industry. And like yours, these firms tend to be global or at least multi-national in scope. This Webcast will focus on the challenges organizations and individuals face in optimizing business performance, and customer relationships in order to help their customers recognize and achieve the value they work so hard to create. During this session you will hear: We may not be so different after all - communication strategy that translates well across multiple cultures
How to balance the business side and the personal side of complex relationships
How to build trust and credibility across boundaries
How to translate your value propositions into compelling solutions
How to move beyond "value added" to "value assurance" and create an unwavering confidence to invest within your customer

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Creating and Capturing Value Across Cultural Boundaries