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How To Pitch An Idea In One Minute

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When it comes to online marketing and sales, getting your point across in an effective manner is of the utmost importance. To get your point across, the first thing you must do is to form an understanding of where the prospective client is coming from. To do this is, you must be able to set limits on the amount of time spent on your sales pitch. Every time you go to speak to your potential client, you should only speak for under a minute. The last part of each minute spent speaking to the prospect should include an open-ended question, which allows for you to gain insight on where the client is coming from.

An open-ended question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. By asking more open-ended question, it enables you to build a rapport with the potential client, it encourages your prospect to share their feelings on the matter, and it avoids seeming manipulative or controlling.

Another way to gain more time with a prospect is by asking clarifying questions. Clarifying questions help you better understand the intentions of your prospective client and help the client feel secure in the fact that you understand where they are coming from. By expressing the clients desires in your own words, you can clear up any discrepancies that might ensue.

After everything is clarified, developmental questions can be utilized to guide the conversation in your desired direction. When used properly, developmental questions can buy you even more time with the prospect. Moreover, these types of questions encourage the potential client to elaborate more on their desires and intentions.

Directional questions are another option to gain yourself more time with the prospective client. These questions can steer the conversations towards any topics previously uncovered by the developmental questions. Thus, directional questions serve to move from one topic to the next smoothly.

After the dialogue has been steered in the desired direction, opinion questions can be used to buy more talking time. Opinion questions serve to uncover where the prospective client stands on certain issues that pertain to your company or product. They should be asked in a non-confrontational manner so as to get the prospect to speak openly and frankly about their positions. This may also help you show a certain level of esteem towards your prospect, which can help build further rapport.

Furthermore, you can use social proof questions to acquire another minute of talk time. Social proof questions serve to show your prospect that you have dealt with clients in the past who have had similar situations to them. The introduction of a third party into the dialogue can be tricky, so make sure that it is relevant to the discussion at hand. When used correctly, social proof questions can raise the prospects confidence in partnering with you and can address any concerns the prospect might have.

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How To Pitch An Idea In One Minute