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3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Optimized Website

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The amount of time and money people spend on smart phones and tablets is increasing, so having a mobile optimized website for your business is a smart investment.

Internet traffic on a mobile device accounts for about 10 percent of all Internet traffic in the world. The percentage is expected to rise, and next year more people are expected to use mobile devices than computers.

Last year in the United States, consumers spend $6.7 billion shopping from mobile devices. This year, that number is expected to almost double to $11.6 billion. Consumers are expected to purchase more and more online, and some experts predict that United States consumers will spend $31 billions on mobile devices in 2015.

Mobile Optimized Websites

Not all businesses have optimized their websites for a mobile device. The smaller screens and slower loading times mean visitors will quickly get frustrated trying to view and navigate websites on a phone or tablet.

In 2011, only 21 percent of websites had a companion mobile optimized website. Worse, some sites did have an optimized site for mobile devices, but that version did not allow visitors to shop from their devices.

Why Your Site Needs A Mobile Version

1. Having a mobile site means more opportunities for visitors to buy services or products. The majority of visitors say they are likely to return to a website is their mobile site is easy to use, according to a poll led by Google.

2. If your site isn't easy to use on a mobile device, visitors will go to a site that is. The majority of visitors will not try to navigate your site if it is not a mobile optimized website, so you will lose traffic and sales. Most users will not wait until they are on a computer to get back to your site.

3. A poor experience on a website can hurt your brand. If a visitor is frustrated by your website, they will develop negative feelings towards your company. Visitors get frustrated and less likely to revisit the company's website or shop with them in the future. If you don't have a mobile optimized website, it tells your visitors that you do not value their business.

Your business may be losing money by not having a mobile website. Buyers want to purchase an item immediately, so they are not willing to wait until they are on a computer to shop.

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Optimized Website