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The Top 7 Secrets To Successful Cold Calling

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Cold calling is oftentimes a source of angst for many small business owners. However, this doesn't have to be the case. All you need to do is implement some successful strategies that the experts themselves are using.

Plan In Advance

Know who you'll be calling when. The best plan of action is to make cold calling a part of your regular routine by blocking off an hour for it.

Do Your Homework First

While it may seem tedious, you should take a few minutes to learn something about the person you're calling prior to making the call. This really can make a huge difference.

Look For a Personal Connection

Finding a common connection will help to build a bridge between you and the person whom you're calling. This is information that you can find in the research that you do prior to making your phone call. You can choose to either Google the person's name, check out their business' website or visit Linked In to see if you have any connections in common.

Get Information Before Giving It

Instead of immediately trying to sell your product or service, start off by asking a lot of questions. This will help you find your prospect's needs so that you can tailor your pitch to fit it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Get in front of a mirror and practice smiling while making your pitch. This will make you more confident. It's also a good idea to stand up while making your calls so that you'll be more animated.

Keep Good Records

It's important to track who you called and whether or not it resulted in an appointment. By measuring your progress you'll not only be better organized but you'll also grow more confident as you sense some accomplishment. Even if a call doesn't result in an immediate sale, you may still get something positive out of it that's worth noting. All of this information will be beneficial whenever you do your follow-up calls.

Mention Your Connection in Your Voice Mail Messages

Typically you'll reach a person's voice mail instead of talking to them directly. When you do so you should mention your common connection in order to increase the likelihood of receiving a call back.


With these cold calling techniques you will find that you'll be much more successful. This will be good news for your business' bottom line. So, make sure to give them a try today.

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The Top 7 Secrets To Successful Cold Calling