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Top Customer Service Tips For Small Businesses

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Once a small business has gotten customers, it should do everything possible to keep these customers. Research has shown that those who have already purchased something from a store or online retail site are likely to do so again, while those who have not worked with the business previously may be hesitant to do so. Following are ten vital customer service tips that a person should keep in mind.

Provide Contact Information
Every entrepreneur or business should provide contact information so that clients can phone, fax or email the business as and when needed.

Answer the Phone
Providing a phone number but then not answering it is useless. When a customer calls, a living human being (not a robot) should pick up the phone almost immediately. Furthermore, the person who answers the phone should know the answers to commonly asked questions and/or complaints.

Honor Promises
If clients are allowed to return items within 30 days, then honor this promise. Clients who feel they have been cheated on any promise made by a business not only write negative reviews but can even sue the business for fraud in some cases.

Deal With Complaints
Do not ignore complaints. Listen to those who have issues, talk with them and try to resolve the problems if at all possible.

Go the Extra Mile
Do more than the bare minimum. Customers will notice it and tell their friends about it.

Throw in Extras
A gift certificate, access to a special deal or small freebie can go a long way in making a customer feel important and cared about.

Be Empathetic
A customer who is having a bad day may not be easy to handle, but doing so in a kind, empathetic manner will win regular customers and their friends and associates. Never get impatient with or upset at a customer for any reason.

Streamline Processes
Clients want relevant information now; they do not want to be "gotten back to" sometime in the distant future.

Train Employees
All employees should know how to answer questions about products, services, store shipping/return/exchange policies and other relevant information.

These customer service tips will set a small business or entrepreneur apart from the competition. While it is impossible to please everyone all the time, those who have good customer service are able to please a lot more people and generate way more sales than businessmen or women who have average or subpar customer service.

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Top Customer Service Tips For Small Businesses