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How To Add A Website To Google

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If you are planning to develop a website and have it added to Google, your best option is to create it using WordPress. Most hosting services provide software you can use to instantly install WordPress on your site. However, if you already have a site developed through HTML coding, you can still add a website to Google using some of the techniques below.

Take advantage of WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a built-in system that allows search engine robots to find your web pages easily. Every time you create a post or a page, the content gets pinged. Pinging gives a signal on the Internet that you have created a new webpage. However, it is not a good thing to ping your sites too much since this can get your site banned. Hence, make use of a ping optimizer plugin. This ensures that every update on your webpage is not pinged, unless you want to ping it manually.

Use an SEO plugin as well. This allows you to add meta-descriptions, meta-tags and titles on every webpage you create. Through this, you can control the information that Google uses to describe the content of your webpage on the search engine results.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

You can use your Gmail account to access Google webmaster tools. This allows you to add a website to Google even if your pages are all HTML-based. You can use the tools within your account to ask Google to index your site or de-index individual pages if needed. Using webmaster tools may not be necessary, especially if you build useful web pages with quality content that gets indexed automatically after a few days, hours or even minutes. Nonetheless, having an account will allow you to control indexing and de-indexing.

Search Engine Marketing

For paid search traffic, create a Google AdWords account to launch PPC campaigns. Even if your websites have not been indexed yet, you can use PPC to get them on page 1 of the SERPs on selected keywords. Some hosting accounts provide free Google AdWords credits. Use this to your advantage.

If you plan on generating free traffic, optimize your web pages to contain targeted keywords within the content. Aim for 1-2% keyword density. However, be sure to spread the keywords throughout the webpage content. In addition, use the keywords as anchor texts when you create links on article directories, press release sites, web 2.0 sites, related blog sites, and other popular websites.

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How To Add A Website To Google