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Online Marketing 101 - Put Your Website On Google

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Before we dive into some marketing basics let's make sure that we have a firm foundation. I am talking about how your website is constructed. In this article I will give you a paint-by-the-numbers blueprint on the basics of Internet Marketing. If you follow my instructions you will have a strong foundation and an excellent start to a successful marketing plan.


WordPress is a CMS platform which means Content Management System. It is used by websites owners around the world because of its ease of use, and search engine friendliness. If you are not currently using WordPress it is highly recommended that you do.

Put Your Website On Google

Ranking well in the Google is the ultimate goal. A number one position for a targeted keyword phrase can bring you a massive amount of traffic and sales. The only way to achieve a top ranking is by using SEO, and SEM strategies, which I will cover in more detail in a second.

For now let's stick with the basics of how to put your website on Google. Before you launch your marketing campaign, you will want to make sure that your website is what Google is actually looking for. In order to do that you must first understand a few basic principles. Google has one main objective, and it is to constantly find new and innovative ways to serve their users.

When an end user does an online search, Google wants them to find exactly what they are looking for. In fact Google has already taken things to the next level, by anticipating what it is that you are looking for and giving it to you before you have completed typing your search. When you are creating content for your website you should always ask yourself, if the content is serving the end user.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization and SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the key to getting your website listed in the Google Rankings. There are two main factors to consider. The first is your on-page optimization, and the second is your off-page optimization.

On-page optimization consist of such things as your title tags, meta tags, meta description, header tags, keyword density and internal linking structure. Those are the combination of things that you must have optimized based on your keyword phrases in order to achieve a good Google Ranking.

Off-page optimization consists of building backlinks that point from another related website to your site. The backlinks anchor text must be based on your keyword phrases in order to be effective. Off-page optimization is also the process of building buzz on the social networks with links pointing back to your website.

If you use this article as a basic guideline you will find yourself at the top of Google in no time

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Online Marketing 101 - Put Your Website On Google