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What Bad Content Really Costs

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Every small business owner should take a look at content marketing. The entire process is very interesting, and good content can help to drive business your way. What is more interesting, though, is how bad bad content can drive away sales. The ways in which this sort of content can damage your business is surprising - but not entirely unexpected.

Just throwing money against the wall!

Paying for the Content

If you choose to go through the content marketing process, you have to pay. Whether you make the content yourself or hire an outside contractor, money and time are both spent on the process. If you settle for bad content, you will find that your money has been wasted. This can often mean throwing away thousands of dollars on a campaign, to say nothing of other losses that you will incur. If you want content, trying to merely keyword stuff an article instead of going for quality will lead you to wasted money.

Losing the Sale

Potential clients are not stupid. If they see that you use bad content, they will be far less likely to work with your company. While it is very difficult to calculate the real cost of lost opportunities, studies have shown that bad content will reduce the likelihood of a sale being made by about forty percent. This is not only ineffective advertising, but a terrible way to do business.

Losing Respect

Small businesses thrive on respect. If your customers do not respect you, they will not purchase your product or service. If you use bad content in your marketing, your customers will notice. That will lead not only to wasted effort, but to lost customers. Nearly thirty percent of prospective buyers will be likely to turn away from your company if you provide bad content. That loss is awful for a big business, but likely catastrophic for any small business owner who wants to grow his or her business.

Wasting Time

Perhaps worst of all, a small business owner who invests in bad content is a business owner who will have to start the process again. That means every man-hour spent working on the old content is wasted and has to be spent again - that means twice as many hours paid out to fix the problem. It might be interesting to see what a new provider can do, but making the wrong choice can cost you time that cannot be recovered.

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What Bad Content Really Costs