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Top 5 new years resolutions of small businesses

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A small business owner has to be innovative and be forward-thinking to ensure that his or her business survives. Sometimes all the resources are not available to operate or expand a business, but a savvy and creative business owner will always find ways to forge ahead.

Effective Planning

Small business owners must plan ahead for new initiatives. There are instances when a great idea or opportunity may present itself and it would be in the entrepreneur's best interest to take the leap forward. However, more often than likely, planning ahead is always the best solution. Planning includes forecasting and budgeting for regular operations and for expansion.

Outsourcing & Delegation

Today, a small business owner may find himself busy trying to complete several tasks. He may notice that his days are getting longer and sometimes there is not much being accomplished. Therefore, outsourcing and delegation are good ideas to alleviate the work load. Tasks that can be time consuming such as tax filing, deliveries and maintaining a website can be completed by employees or by a firm that offers these services.

Make Good Use of the Internet

Many entrepreneurs are still not taking advantage of the internet and its vast capabilities. The internet allows business owners to reach a wide range of customers, in the local area and internationally. Having a well-designed and informative website is a great way to promote a business. In addition, use of social media has increased and this also can bring traffic to small business.

Show Support for Community Activities

People like to know that they are associated with a business that gives something back to the community. This does not always have to be monetary or based on monetary value because even dedicating a few hours per week on a special is equally valued and appreciated.

Target Mobile Customers

Since more people are using mobile devices to access information on the internet, a small business owner should be ready to reach out to these customers. The business's website and social media presence should be easily accessible by mobile customers so that the business can tap into that market.

Many small business owners are today looking at ways that they can improve their operations. Whether it be by outsourcing, improving the web and mobile presence or by more effective planning, a small business owner has to find ways to ensure that the business remains competitive and viable.

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Top 5 new years resolutions of small businesses