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Getting the Most out of your Internet Presence

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Generating business to business leads can present a challenge to any small business owner, but there are ways to find new leads for your business and stay out of trouble with Anti-SPAM regulations. One of the most difficult tasks is finding a balance in making your product or service interesting while also remaining professional. However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are looking to generate leads that will actually get you some results.

1. Find Ways to Make Leads Come to You

The best way to avoid trouble when trying to generate leads for your business is to make sure your leads come to you. This means they volunteer to give you information so that you may contact them about your business or offers you may have. They may join an email list or provide an email contact when you are offering a gift such as a free e-book or video with information they want.

2. Avoid Content Gating If Not Necessary

While offering a free product in exchange for personal information can generate some good leads, it is also a form of gating that can backfire. People are less likely to download information if they are required to provide even one or two pieces of personal information such as an email address. Allowing access to information in order to entice new leads can get you more leads if you do not require an opt-in for it.

3. Make Sure Information Is Relevant

When generating business to business leads, it is very important that you target the right audience. For instance, if you are in the restaurant business, you do not want to try to generate leads from a computer company that deals with spare parts. Rather, you need to find out where those who can use your type of restaurant services or products are most likely to find you and supply them with the information they need.

4. Try Social Networking

As social networking becomes more prevalent, many are discovering that like attracts like on these networks. In fact, you are likely to make connections through social networking contacts that you are not likely to make elsewhere. However, just as you want to be careful in content gating, you also want to be careful in handling the contacts you make through social networks because these connections are fragile and can be very easily broken.

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Getting the Most out of your Internet Presence