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You Are Your Small Business

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Working for a big enterprise can be discouraging. You feel like a number among thousands of numbers, or a cog in a giant machine. Many people working for large companies don't even know how their services contribute to the overall success of the giant that employs them. This frustration drives some to venture into entrepreneurship. Starting a small business can be the answer.

Successful small business owners make money seemingly with ease. Onlookers chalk it up to luck. Other entrepreneurs know it takes hard work and courage. How can you define your role and make a new business thrive? The biggest piece of that equation comes from confidence in yourself.

Too many new business owners begin with big dreams. They've identified a desire to work a meaningful career. They've solved the question about what product they'll provide, and they have determination. However, when the first wave of rejection rolls in, they question themselves. If you plan to succeed in entrepreneurship, you'll have to believe that you have something unique to offer.

So what happens to the successful? A successful businessperson wakes up, identifies their niche product, whether it's sewing needles, quilts, baseball bats or computer software and resolves to provide that product to those in need. You have the small business under way at which point it's all about keeping confidence in the process. If you've defined a good product, and chances are you have, the need for it is already present.

It can sound crazy and feel worse to adapt the mentality, "I am my niche," but this attitude is the best way to create success. Your product will sell as well as you sell yourself. If you've come up with an inexpensive way to design wooden baseball bats, and those bats produce great results for the hitters who use them, you can't give up when a few splinter fragments bring you bad press.

Successful entrepreneurs know their role. They are the people who stand by their product, champion its greatness and continue to cast it out into the community. At the end of the day, you have to choose to believe you are your product, and you are determined to succeed.

It's only on the other side of a small business, when new employees begin to feel the press of being a cog in the machine you created that you'll be able to see the fruit of such determination. You are, like it or not, your own niche, your own product, your own success.

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You Are Your Small Business