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Ways A Small Business Can Use Web Video

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YouTube videos have long since evolved past the point where they are dominated by personal videos and video blogs. Instead, small businesses are seizing upon this new social media network in order to generate cheap publicity that has the capacity to spread itself. Since video production can be some of the most effective ways for small business to promote its services, YouTube and similar sites have seen an explosion in usage by entrepreneur users hoping to get exposure through the Web. There are several ways that videos are changing the marketing dynamic.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a simple shot of a person using a product can be more efficient at communicating purpose and practicality than an entire ad's worth of text. A moving picture instantly captures attention and requires no activity to follow. What's more, they stay on YouTube forever, so that unlike television commercials) they can run long past their origin.

One of the great advantages of the social media networks that dominate Internet life is that they permit customers to become marketers themselves. Companies that utilize social media plug into the network of friends and contacts that a person has established, circulating information automatically without ever needing to hire a person to disseminate news. When a person views a YouTube video and recommends it, hundreds or even thousands of people are now capable of seeing it just as easily. You need not invest a cent in marketing, the social media markets it for you.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that a video can be shot and put on YouTube for pennies. YouTube accounts are completely free, requiring only an email account to set up. Using a simple digital camera (or even the camera in a smart phone) it is possible for a small business to make a video and put it on the web for next to nothing. No special effects are needed, just promote the product and let it run.

YouTube is increasingly updating their content in order for users to click through to other videos quickly. By putting ads on videos, it is possible to get backlinks and make connections that boost traffic to your video and increase exposure. These ads can target specific keywords (like "car" for an auto shop) that users search for and put it on affiliate videos to generate more traffic. This means more traffic for both parties.

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Ways A Small Business Can Use Web Video