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Great Motivation Strategies For Small Business Owners

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People who run a small business discover one very important fact. Managing people can be a very difficult job. This is not because the people are deliberately uncooperative. It is just that people are different. Everybody cannot fit into a particular compartment. The smart manager is the one who comes to realize this pretty early and finds a way to accommodate the different needs and "moods" of his staff team.

As a boss, you are a leader and not an army sergeant. Don't just give orders to the staff and expect them to carry out the orders. Explain the "whys and hows" to them and they will be motivated to work better. Generally, human beings respond better to people who are courteous to them. As a boss, you can be firm and competent without coming across as brusque and unapproachable.

2. Commend Good Workers:

There are those who believe that if you praise students, they will stop making much effort. Fortunately, your workers are not kids in kindergarten. Praise those who are doing a great job and they will try to do more. More to the point, this will serve as motivation to others who may not be doing so well.

3. Hold Frequent Meetings:

Meetings are great management tools. This is one great opportunity for the staff to rub minds with the boss. Don't make the meetings too formal. Instead use the meeting for feedback and encourage the staff to contribute to the agenda of the meeting.

4. Discuss Long Term Policy:

Nothing is as bad for your workers as keeping them in the dark. So, the company is going through a rough patch but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let the staff know this or else, they will simply jump ship. Remember that is always better to work with the people you know than to keep hiring new workers.

Finally, make it clear that the company has the welfare of the staff in mind. Management and staff are partners in progress. If your workers know this, they will stay with you for the long haul. These are some way to ensure your "rockstar" employees remain happy and motivated.

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Great Motivation Strategies For Small Business Owners