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How To Grow Your Business With Advertising

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Trying to grow your business with advertising is not an easy venture. Television ads, one of the most successful mediums for marketing, cost millions of dollars. Radio and magazine ads are next in line when it comes to expensive advertising. To avoid these expenses, new businesses should turn to old fashioned marketing methods. This article will explore ten of the most common ones.

1. Mailing Circulars

Mailing circulars range from post cards to full length publications. As a business starting out, you may want to limit your advertising to post cards. All you have to do is use colorful imagery to espouse your company?s most interesting product or service. If enough people see the ad, your business will grow with no further work on your part.

2. Flyers

Many up and coming businesses use flyers to advertise their services. These ads can be placed anywhere in the community, ranging from telephone poles to street lights. Even more interesting is how cheap they are to produce. If you have a printer and typing paper, you have everything you need to create these flyers. Just make sure you emphasize how cheap your products or services are, as that is the best approach when advertising in such a manner.

3. Signs

Signs are meant to be posted on windows or land. If they are posted on land, they will look like the signs that Realtors use to advertise their services. In any case, when advertising this way, focus on your company?s brand. Post your company?s name followed by a telephone number for contact information.

4. Community Ads

Community ads are small flyers that people use to advertise their companies on bulletin boards. You can find these bulletin boards at stores, restaurants and malls. In most cases they are free. However, since they tend to get fewer views, consider making small sections at the bottom of your ad where there is contact information. These sections should be able to be torn off. This allows onlookers to bring your company?s information with them.

5. Brochures

The brochure does not need an explanation. Having been around for years, this is an advertising medium that uses a small booklet to describe detailed aspects of your business. To get them distributed legally, you are going to have to make advertising deals with the owners of restaurants or office buildings.

6. Sweepstakes Boxes

Sweepstakes are one of the best methods for growing your business with advertising. The box advertises your brand, but the sweepstakes itself advertises a product or service that you would like to give away. Most companies give away high priced items like vacation tickets or cars; you do not have to go in this direction. Giving away your most expensive products will also do the trick.

7. Press Releases

Press releases are mini news reports that determine whether or not a company deserves a broadcasting. The best ones stay objective; they advertise what a company does while still telling a journalistic story. When you finish writing a press release, you will have to give it to broadcasters in your area. This can be done via email.

8. Websites

Websites are the quickest and easiest form of advertisement you can use for your company. It will allow you to grow your business by generating online traffic. To create one, go to a network that offers free Web hosting. They will allow you to make a website using templates.

9. Car Decals

Car decals allow you to take your brand on the road. They work for virtually any business, though they are the most memorable for businesses that are mobile. A mobile hairdressing business would work better on a decal than a restaurant because onlookers are psychologically associating the business with a car.

10. Pay per Click Ads

Distributed through search engines, the pay per click ad is a winner for anyone wanting to grow their business through mass advertising. What happens is you bid on search engine keywords for a set amount of money. If your bid is high, your ad will show more often. If your bid is low, it will show once in a while. Either way, you do not have to pay until a click is generated to your site.

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How To Grow Your Business With Advertising