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4 Great Home Based Businesses

How To Build Business

With the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2 percent, a home-based is not a bad idea. Statistics published by Franchise Help show 19 million Americans worked from home in 2011. These numbers represent 12 percent of all US households. While you might frown against working from home, 20,000 Americans banked more than $1 million operating from home. According to Franchise Help, 70% of all home based businesses operate for at least three years. In comparison, only 29% of out ?of-home businesses survive until the third year. The following are some of the business ideas that can turn you into the next Zuckerberg.

App Designer
Nearly everyone owns a smartphone or tablet of some kind. Data published by ABI Research shows 35.4% of consumers own more than three mobile devices. The percentage of people who own one or two mobile devices stands at 18.2% and 16.1% respectively. Only a mere 30.3% have shunned the technological juggernaut, at least for now. While big corporations use in-house teams to develop apps, you can apply your skills to the SMB niche.

Data Security Consultant
Almost every business has some kind of online presence. Some of these websites collect and store client data in company databases. Securing credit card details and personal information is not an easy task. If you have experience in IT, you can become a business security consultant. Even though there are many companies offering robust data security products, most SMBs cannot afford the exorbitant service fees.

Small Business Resource Professional
Many home entrepreneurs struggle when starting a business. Hurdles range from the most efficient e-commerce platform to accounting software for start-ups. You do not need the brains of an economics professor to see the opportunities presented by E-retailing. According to Forrester Research, E-retail sales will top $279 billion by 2015. This represents 11% of all retail sales in the US.

Internet Marketing Consultant
As businesses fight for online prominence, people with exceptional skills in SEO will become rare gems. If you can help businesses appear high on search engine results, market your skills and wait for a deluge of business opportunities. As you gain more experience, business ideas will come naturally.

With the number of Internet users rising every day, it has never been easier to set up a business at home. All you need is expertise in a particular online niche and you are good to go. Instead of slaving on as an employee, take matters into your own hands and become your own boss.

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4 Great Home Based Businesses