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5 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Facebook

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Social media sites have changed the way that businesses operate. Major corporations and small business owners alike can benefit from making their brand available on social media. Facebook offers business owners the opportunity to reach billions of worldwide members to advance their business objectives and grow their client bases. The following tips will help any business make their presence known on Facebook.

1- Set up Numerous Pages

Business owners should set up a profile page and will also want to set up a fan page. While this may seem confusing, it will actually help more people to find your product or service. Group pages should be avoided as they are slowly being phased out by Facebook. A fan page will allow customers to like your product and an official page can steer them to your actual home site.

2- Customize your Pages

Facebook allow users myriad opportunities to customize their pages. The latest headline feature enables users to upload interesting photographs that can be used to interact with other iconic photos. You can also let customers know the details about your business and point them to other sites such as your homepage along with other social media sites that you may have.

3- Provide Coupons and Deals

Facebook allows you to post links so that potential customers are able to download coupons. You can also provide promotional codes that will allow customers to receive a discount when they check out at your site. Time limits can be placed on these codes and coupons, which will help to add a sense of urgency to their use. You can also provide Facebook only deals that will encourage users to like your page and spread the word to others.

4- Grow a Community

One of the great aspects of social media is that it fosters community interaction and growth. By allowing users to comment on your page you will be growing a network of people that interact with your company. This helps to build a feeling of community that can spill over to brand and product loyalty.

5- Do Not Rely Only on Facebook

It is important to remember that while Facebook is an important social media site, it is only one of many. You will also want to keep an active Twitter account and may want to also host a personal as well as a business blog. All of these sites can be used in conjunction to promote your business. They should all be linked to one another in order to disseminate as much information as possible.

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5 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Facebook