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How To Make Money Online With Google

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As the Internet became more well-known in the last decade, an increasing number of people tried to discover how to make money online. Plenty of companies were struggling to figure out the same thing but a number of individuals, working from their homes, determined how to use Google to earn a living. Google is the largest search engine and offered individuals the a great opportunity to make money online. They do it a few different ways.


The blogging craze of a decade ago was not just about gregariousness. Many people were online to talk but others realized that there was an opportunity to turn all this web traffic into money. Blogging was and is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Most blogs are completely free. Using Blogger, a format created and sponsored by Google, some of these entrepreneurs were able to use Google?s in-house advertising scheme to earn a living without ever leaving the bedroom.

The method is not that complex. As long as you have enough traffic, you can assume that a certain percentage will click on your advertisements and make you money per click. Some clicks only pay pennies while others pay dollars. Over the course of a year, the money pours in. The trick is to get people to come to your site. You can do that through simply posting quality content consistently and earning the traffic or through clever use of search engine optimization.

Selling Products

You can also make money selling things from your blog or website. Instead of making small amounts per click of advertising, you can actually get a more significant chunk of the purchase if you sell items directly through your website. You can drive traffic to this website by using search engine optimization techniques to bring people to your website. If your products are attractively placed and described, many people will likely buy them and the manufacturers will send some of the profits in your direction. To process the payments, you can use Google?s own Google checkout.

Google Image Labeler

This is probably the easiest way to make money online with Google. It does not pay a whole lot but it is not that difficult either. You join the program and search the web for images. When they do not have tags already provided, you tag the pictures with a few words and let Google use the language.

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How To Make Money Online With Google