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How To Generate Leads For Your Business

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 Lead Generation For Your Small Business
It can be the biggest question on a small business owner's mind: how do you generate more leads to grow your business?

The good news is that leads and open contracts can all be found online. What you really need to know is how to find them.

We've created a guideline to generating the right leads for your business. Read on-your next big contract is just a few clicks away.

Learn the right keywords to search for the right leads

There are literally billions of websites on the internet, so in order to find actual business leads, it's crucial to use the right keywords for your search.

Three types of keywords should bring in the right business leads in your search results.

Keyword #1: your product or service. If you have a roofing business, the keywords "roofer" and "roofing" will add web pages with these words to your search results.
Keyword #2: your location. If you're looking for leads in Sarnia, Ontario, the keywords "Sarnia" and "Ontario" will only add web pages that mention roofing and Sarnia and Ontario to your search results, and eliminate all others.
Keyword #3: contract type. This is the crucial part that will give you actual jobs and contracts. The terms that are typically used in your industry to describe open contracts will be your keywords.

For roofing, this is often "Sealed Tender" or "Open Bid" or just "tender". Use these and your search results should now show open contracts for roofers in Sarnia, Ontario. The right keywords should turn up a sizeable list of business leads.

Online tools that will make your search easier

Expand beyond search engines and use the many online tools that are specifically designed to search for open contract and job leads. They're typically found on social networks, business websites and on government websites, and can generate business leads in just moments.

These applications typically search by keyword, location, and contract type. If you've carefully chosen your keywords, your search will provide you with a well-targeted list of leads.

These applications can also generate leads to government contracts. While lucrative, government contracts require special steps before you submit a proposal. For more information on bidding on government contracts, see How To Land A Government Contract in the How-To section.

Qualifying your leads and next steps

Once you've rounded up your catch of contract leads, you'll still need to sift through the results to see if you have struck gold. Here are some things to check before submitting a proposal for a contract tender.

Start Date. Does the contract fit in with your other projects, or will it conflict with other contracts you've already begun?

Requirements. Do you have the resources to meet all the requirements of the contract, or will you need to bring in subcontractors to complete the project? If so, will you be able to find the right subcontractor before the tender is due?

Equipment. Do you have all the necessary equipment for the job, or will you need to buy or lease the right tools first?

Price. Is the price of the contract enough to cover all your business needs?

Submitting Your Proposal
If a lead gets a passing grade on all these questions, you're ready to submit your proposal for the job. Carefully read over the tender (it should be attached to the lead) and fill it out completely. Be detailed and include your company information, experience, capabilities and manpower.

Have at least one other person review your proposal before you submit. They will be able to see if you've forgotten anything, or if any of your points are unclear.

Most importantly, submit your proposal before the deadline-otherwise, it will be disqualified from consideration.

When it comes to finding leads and open contracts, the internet truly is the small business owner's best friend. By following a few easy guidelines, you can find a bounty of business leads in minutes-and you can easily pick the right one for your business.

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How To Generate Leads For Your Business