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How To Build An Affordable Ad Campaign

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 Many small business owners feel they don't have the time or money to create a well-planned advertising campaign. Thanks to the internet and the rise of social networks, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are easy and affordable do-it-yourself tools available at the click of a button. Take a few minutes, discover your options, and get ready to launch an ad campaign of your own.

Before You Get Started
Consider the aim of your ad campaign. Are you releasing a general ad about your business or a special ad for a sale or promotion? How long do you want your campaign to run? Are you chasing customers from all over the world or just one specific region? Figure all this out before you start searching for the right place for your ads.

How Online Ad Billing Works
Traditional advertising costs are pretty straightforward: You pay a publisher a certain amount to post your ad on a wall, a billboard, or in a magazine. It gets a little more complicated online. How exactly do you pay for a virtual ad space?

Billing for online ads is usually done in three ways: Cost per impression (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC).
CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, charges advertisers a set amount per thousand appearances, or impressions, of their ad on a webpage. So if a web publisher charges $15CPM, you'll receive a thousand impressions of your ad for $15.

Some small business owners prefer CPC. As the name implies, cost per click campaigns bill advertisers per click that actually brings the user from the ad to the advertiser's website.

In the third option, PPC, publishers charge advertisers per click they receive on their ad. Since the ad can be hyperlinked to the advertiser's website, PPC is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic.

Advertisers can set the maximum amount of clicks they're willing to pay for in advance, which makes CPC and PPC affordable options for many small business owners.

Affordable Online Advertising Options
Fortunately, most online publishers have kept small businesses in mind, and have budget-friendly ad campaigns available. You can usually register, upload your ad and select your campaign details, length and SEO keywords without ever picking up the phone.Social networks have taken on a publisher role, and since they often have their members' locations and ages on file, they have the advantage of more effective geotargeting.

Other social networks have taken the unique approach of offering self-service ads to their members. Advertisers follow a set template that includes a headline, body, photo and contact information. They then select the regions they want to target and how long they want the ad to run, enter their payment information, and the ad is ready to go in just a matter of minutes.

Free Online Advertising Options
There actually are free advertising options on the net that can give your ad campaign a boost. Free online classifieds are a great way to advertise your products and services at no cost. Since they're often found on social networks, free classifieds have the added advantage of a built-in audience of thousands.

Likewise, free business listings let you list your business for free online, increasing the chance of your business turning up in internet searches. They're also often found on social networks, once again giving you the edge of a built-in audience.

Ready To Get Started?
There's a vast array of options available for building ad campaigns on a budget. Now that you know, you're well suited to launch an integrated online advertising campaign that will drive business onward and upward.

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How To Build An Affordable Ad Campaign