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How To Write A Classified Ad

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 An essential step in building your business is to create an online classified ad.. It is also a crucial one-when done right, an ad is your chance to grab the attention of thousands in your target audience -but when done poorly, there's also the chance you'll confuse, bore, or even turn off the very people you're trying to reach.

Many first-time advertisers get poor results from online ads because they simply don't know what to say, or how to say it. This guide will take a step-by-step approach to writing the perfect ad for your small business. Read on , and find out the rules of writing an ad that will get you results.

Consider your business and your audience. What is the message you want to share with them? This message will be the backbone of your entire ad, and it will help you choose words that will grab your audience's attention. Your message could be that you're taking on new personal training clients, you have a special offer for first-time buyers, or that you now accept internet orders. Figure out your message and build your ad around it.


Every good ad contains three main parts: the headline, a tactic called the "Tease And Please", and the call-to-action. Here's how to create all three.

The headline. Headlines look deceptively simple, but they can be the trickiest part of the whole ad. You need a simple and clear headline that lets your audience know exactly what you are trying to tell them. For example, if you are a landscaper and you are looking to boost your business in September, create a headline that says "Have Your Dream Garden This Fall!" This headline targets people who want to landscape their yard and lets them know there is still time this year to do it.

The "Tease And Please". This tactic teases your audience with a visual of how much better life will be if they use your services, and second, it pleases your audience by telling them how to make this daydream a reality.

For example, your landscaping ad might say "There is still time to create the backyard you've always dreamed of this year. Joe's Landscaping specializes in cool-weather installations and we can do it for your home."

The "Call-To-Action". This is your ad's rallying cry and it comes right at the end of your ad. Very clearly state what you want your audience to do -and that they should do it right away. Your landscaping ad might conclude with "Fall bookings are filling up fast so hurry-call us today."


Target a need: Consider the "pain point" of your audience. What is their need and how can you fill it? Your ad should sympathize with their problem and acknowledge that it's interfering somehow with their life.

Hint that you can solve the problem: Once the pain point has been targeted, suggest that you have a service or product that might be able to help.

Leave something to the imagination: Think of your ad as like a movie preview. Previews never reveal the movie's whole plot. Instead, they reveal just enough to make you curious so you'll check out the movie yourself. A good ad does the same for your business.

Include a Call–To-Action: Rather than let the reader decide what to do next, instruct your audience to pick up the phone, send an email, or make a visit to the nearest store soon to find out more.


Too much information: The biggest mistake most first-time advertisers make is throwing in every last detail about their product or service. Your audience will be overwhelmed by the volume of information and tune out. Stick to the essential details.

Spelling mistakes: Few things are more likely to turn off your audience than spelling mistakes in your ad. Take time to proofread your work before you post your ad and save yourself embarrassment.

Too many words: Large paragraphs of text are overwhelming in an ad and likely won't get read. Keep your message short and simple.

Leaving out the Call-To-Action: If you just end your ad without urging people to make contact, your audience will forget to do it. Always include a call-to-action.

It takes some thought and care to write a great ad for your small business. It's easy to be so focused on attracting new customers that you can forget the importance of figuring out how to do that properly.

Learn what makes a good ad, how to write one yourself, and where to post it online, and your small business will begin to grow in ways you've only dreamed of.

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How To Write A Classified Ad